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  • Charms Technology Limited

    Charms Technology Limited , a company established in 2005 keeping customers focus on the future with innovative I.T. products. At Charms, we're ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • RTB Industrial Ltd

    Manufacturer & exporter in Hong Kong supplies good quality Giftware & Premiums including toys, stationery, photo-frame, key-chain, figurine, decorations, crafts, houseware, gardening and T-shirts ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Sunsoar International Development Ltd

    Sunsoar International Development is composed by foreign trade company and factories. We are a professional fashion jewelry & related products ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Wah Fung Gift-Ware (International) Ltd.

    Our company, Wah Fung Gift-Ware (Int'l) Ltd, has been established since 1993. > > Being a watch assembling factory located at Shenzhen, we ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Everich Manufacturing Company Limited

    Welcome to our website. We, Everich Manufacturing Co., Ltd, is a diversified and experienced handbag manufacturer, with headquarter in Hong Kong. ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Tru-Style Manufacturing Co. Ltd

    Tru-Style is a global fashion jewellery and accessories manufacturer in Hong Kong with an excellent reputation in the apparel industry for our fast ...

    Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • C & K Metal Manufactory Limited

    Since 1985, C & K is a manufacturer and exporter of metal trims for garments & fashion accessories. In advanced from having a 2000-square-metre ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Luen Fat Metal & Plastic Mfg. Co., Ltd.

    As a toy manufacturer for over 30 years, we can offer the best selection of infants', pre-school, educational, bath & sand, spring & summer toys. ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Mondak International Limited

    Mondak International Limited look forward to the exciting challenges ahead of us. > > Quality is our standard, service is our business. Buyers' ...; - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Riverstar Enterprises Ltd.

    Riverstar Enterprises Limited was established in 1984. Our company has been devoting ourselves in manufacture and investigation of polyurethane foam ...

    Hong Kong Key Manufacturer


    Sup-Prem (Asia) Ltd. established in 1983, our Company has grown from meager beginnings to be recognized universally today as a reputable and ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Wu Design Ltd.

    Wu Design Ltd. is a specialist in high-end packagings. Our merchandising and quality teams have rich experience in developing, producing and ...

    Hong Kong Key Exporter

  • Next China Limited

    We concern as customers concern: Commitment, Trust, Reliability, Quality. if they have a reliable manufacturer back up in the mainland China > ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • J & F Industrial Co.

    >   J & F Industrial Co. is a manufacturer specialized in production of comprehensive ranges of stationery, cutter, hand tools and their ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Wei Peng Industrial Ltd.

    Wei Peng Industrial Ltd. , was established since 1988. It is an experienced OEM & ODM manufacturer of both metal and plastic parts / products ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Ming Fai Industrial Company Limited

    With over 35 years experience in manufacturing business, Ming Fai Industrial Co., Ltd. has been one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Hang Lee Industrial Limited

    We have established ourselves as a mini-toys manufacturer in China for more than 20 years. We are one of the well-organized and experienced firms ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • A.T.F. Industries Co., Ltd

    A.T.F. Industries Co., Ltd, established in 1992, we are professional manufacturer in wide range of products, such as Baseball Cap, Hats , Beanie, ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Mei Luen Metal Manufactory Ltd

    Clear Market Focus Underlines Mei Luen Metal Manufactory Ltd's Staying Power in the Kitchenware Industry Unlike many of its competitors that ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Igift Co.

    IGIFT was established in Hong Kong in Oct, 1999. IGIFT acquires and develops intellectual property rights from around the world, then maximizes the ... - Hong Kong Key Wholesales

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