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  • Hong Kong Piezo Co., Ltd.

    industries. Piezoelectric ceramics has become a key element in the electronic and information ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Joyrise Trading Limited

    , calculators, clocks, key chains, terry slippers, EVA slippers, garment accessories, sport shoes ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Ocean Sun Development Company Limited

    factory.. Key areas of operation Suede garment with hand-crocheted trim. Woven Knitted garment ...; - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Keya Designs Industries Company Limited

    Keya Designs Industries Company Limited is a manufacturer based with HK headoffice, design team at UK & fty at China Dongguan with over 250 ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Fashion Point Ltd.

    , Scandinavia, Russia, Japan and other Eastern European Countries Key Customers: Our clients are European ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Joy Plus Trading (H.K.) Limited

    inspection > > Key Customer : > Mark & Spencer - Per Una, Liz Claiborne, Monsoon, Rebecca ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Sun Wing Handbag Co., Ltd.

    , Sun Wing bears the principle "Quality is the key to success". We understand that in order ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Chit Hing Industrial Ltd.

    Chit Hing Industrial Ltd. is a Hong Kong manufacturer and exporter of plastic & hardware products. We established in 1978 and our ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Chun Kwong Metal Products Anodizing Ltd.

    > > > CHUN KWONG METAL PRODUCTS ANODIZING LIMIED is founded by Mr. Kenneth Cheuk Kwong Ng, our Managing Director in Hong Kong in 1984. ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Man Lok Rubber Manufactory Co., Ltd.

    Man Lok Rubber Manufactory Company Limited, since 1964, is one of the leading manufacturers in producing rubber products. With over 30 years of ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Yerd International Company

    checks. Staff training is a key element of our quality control process and our company has started ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • New Kwok Hing Furniture Ltd.

    > New Kwok Hing Furniture Ltd. is established by the owner Wong on 1983 which is one of the large red wood furniture company in Hong Kong. In 1992 ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Yuen Fung Garment Mfg. Co., Ltd.

    , Australia, Europe and China. 3. A continuous commitment to quality, and value-added services with key ...; - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Introlines Industrial (HK) Ltd.

    For over a decade, electronics firms in the US, Europe and Japan have imported our PCBs, so we know how to ensure quality workmanship and ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer


    We, HONG KONG WELL-MADE INDUSTRY LIMITED,  is a paper packaging manufacturer, we specialize in handmade paper bag, rigid box, color box, paper ...

    Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Bodi Goods Co., Ltd.

    Bodi Goods Co., Ltd.  is specializing in stroller accessories. BODIBABY became the brand for stroller and stroller accessories now. Our products ...

    Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Bao Chong Hang

    "Gmart" was founded in 2008, has been committed to providing consumers with all kinds of high-quality gymnasium equipment, inflatable products, ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Globex Asia Ltd

    Globex Asia is a Hong Kong based company with the exposure to the Worldwide market. The company is strong in custom products development with ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Ming's Hardware Co., Ltd.

    Our company imports the most of advanced and modern equipment with a completely automatic labeling system from CNC machine. Such as pushes, bars, ... - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

  • Tung Tack Lee Co., Ltd.

    We are a trading company engaged in the builder's hardware business since 1914. With over 95 years experience, we have established very well ...; - Hong Kong Key Manufacturer

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