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Featured Glass Bowl Manufacturers/Suppliers

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  • Max Base Industrial Ltd.

    Max Base Industrial Ltd., located in Hong Kong, has been manufacturing and exporting thousands of &ldquooff the Shelf items&rdquo for more than 20 ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • G T Plus Limited

    mug, bowl G T Plus Ltd was established in July 1962 and has rich experiences in trading kitchen ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd.

    We, The Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd., Established Office In Hong Kong In 1950 With An Authorized Capital Of Hk$1, 000, 000.00 And The Current Assets ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • New Wave Industrial Ltd.

    > Basing on 10 years manufacturing and exporting solid experience, Marvellous Choice Ltd. ( "M.C." ) has become one of the industry leader in ...

    Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • Healthcare Overseas Marketing Ltd.

    Healthcare Overseas Marketing Ltd. has been involved in design, manufacturing and marketing of various type of home use electronic weighing ...

    Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • Ngan Hing Shun Co., Ltd.

    Ngan Hing Shun Co Ltd was established more than 30 years. Our major products are metal tray, bowl, oil lamp, candle stick with various finished. > > For further information, please visit our ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • D. D. Industries Ltd.

    D.D. Industries Limited is dedicated to manufacturing the preeminent and innovative plastic household products. We have over 20 years of ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • Grandsway International Company Ltd.

    headset, aluminum & C-pet casseroles, glassware, blankets, disposable items like: PS/PP/PET mono-glass ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • Man Lok Rubber Manufactory Co., Ltd.

    Man Lok Rubber Manufactory Company Limited, since 1964, is one of the leading manufacturers in producing rubber products. With over 30 years of ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • Le Avenues Limited

    LE Avenues specializes in designs and production of refine home decorative accessories e.g.  photos frames, bathroom amenities, candles holders ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Exporter

  • Metalchef Equipment Limited

    METALCHEF is sole online distributor for Tak Tai Iron Works Ltd. Tai Tak has over 20 years experiences in commercial kitchen industry. It ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • Progress Wood Arts Manufacturing Company

    We Specialize In All Kinds Of Hand Crafted Wooden Bases And Stands Such As Plate Stands (easels), Fishbowl (planter/fishbpot) Stands, Bowl Stands, Vase Stands, Lamp Bases, Figurine Stands And Many ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • JustMY International Ltd.

    JustMY International Limited was founded by a leading group & specialized in producing Small Electrical Home Appliances products in coffee maker, ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Exporter

  • Poly Tactic Ltd.

    null Ms. Germio Fung; - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • A.P.C.S. (Hong Kong) Limited

    Established in 1970, a reliable supplier of gift wares, aromatherapy products, ceramic wares like aroma/herb diffusers, lamp-rings, candle holders, ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • Gloria Chin Lighting And Mfg. Ltd.


  • J A International

    We Are Manufacturer And Exporter Of Household Electrical Products. The Company Has Established Reputable Brands For Our Buyers, Offering Products ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

  • Good Business (China) Ltd.

    We, GOOD BUSINESS (CHINA) LTD., are exporter and distributor of General Merchandise. Our main product line includes Advertising Gifts, Premium & ... - Hong Kong Glass Bowl Manufacturer

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