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Featured River Shell Buttons Manufacturers/Suppliers

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  • Chun Fai Accessories & Designs

    concepts to provide high quality products. > > Our specialty includes all sorts of buttons ( alloy , plastics , and organic material such as corozo, wood, and shell). Buckle , Puller ... ; - Hong Kong River Shell Buttons Manufacturer

  • Wai Lee Shell Products Making Fty.

    WAI LEE has engaged in the manufactory of shell buttons and related products for over 25 years ... specialize in making buttons of precious shells, such as Mother of Pearl, Trocas, Abalone and etc ... - Hong Kong River Shell Buttons Manufacturer

  • Head Crown Trading Limited

    shell buttons with a good reputation. > > We do offer to our valuable customers a large variety ... with garment manufacturers to develop their brand identity through laser company logo onto the buttons ...; - Hong Kong River Shell Buttons Manufacturer

  • Wah Fung Metal & Plastic Manufacturing Ltd.

    "WAH FUNG METAL & PLASTIC MANUFACTURING LTD"   > has been manufacturing / export buttons ... be casued by the poisonous substance contained when conducting the process of the button plating ... - Hong Kong River Shell Buttons Manufacturer

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