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Featured Rhinestone Ornaments Manufacturers/Suppliers

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  • East Asia Christmas Decoration Co., Ltd.

    from Christmas ornaments to chandeliers. > Our clients are from Northern America, Europe ...; - Hong Kong Rhinestone Ornaments Manufacturer

  • Divonu International Limited

    accessories and ornaments. Also, we produce various kind of high quality product, e.g. Beading & Embroidery, rhinestones ornament, Fashion Jewellery etc for our customer in USA , Europe ,England ...

    Hong Kong Rhinestone Ornaments Manufacturer

  • Cheung Sing Mfy

    jacquard tape ,Elastic webbing,Ribbon rosette ornaments,Assorted beading ornaments..... We ..., Elastic webbing, Ribbon rosette ornaments, Assorted beading ornaments.... > > In each item we don't ... - Hong Kong Rhinestone Ornaments Manufacturer

  • Head Crown Trading Limited

    Head Crown was founded in 1947 as an international company in manufacturing an affordable luxury shell buttons with a good reputation. > > We do ...; - Hong Kong Rhinestone Ornaments Manufacturer

  • Wah Fung Metal & Plastic Manufacturing Ltd.

    "WAH FUNG METAL & PLASTIC MANUFACTURING LTD"   > has been manufacturing / export buttons, buckles, rubber patch, leather patch, reflective ... - Hong Kong Rhinestone Ornaments Manufacturer

  • Shui Cheong Hong Enterprise Ltd.

    Shui Cheong Hong Enterprise Limited  was established in 1973 in Hong Kong.  The Company has been engaged in the manufacturing and trading of shoes ... - Hong Kong Rhinestone Ornaments Manufacturer

  • Xin-Royal Metal Ornament Factory

    Xin ? Royal Metal Ornament Co., Ltd. specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative high ...:; Xin &ndash Royal Metal Ornament Co ...; - China Rhinestone Ornaments Manufacturer

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