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  • Hatquarter Limited

    Hatquarter Limited, established in 1996, is an export company with own manufacturing plant in Dongguan, China. >   > Showrooms are set up in ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • WE Group Ltd.

    WE Group is a leading global bag manufacturer founded by Mr Eric Tavernier in 1995. Certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 ( ...; - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Leader Printing Co., Ltd.

    Since Its Establishment In Hong Kong In 1993, Leader Printing Company Limited (formerly Known As "leader Printing Company") Has Always Strived To ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Corland Industrial Ltd.

    CORLAND INDUSTRIAL LTD. is an independent manufacturing company specializing in produce and manufacturing of medium to high-end jersey knit ...

    Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • TGL (HK) Limited

    TGL (HK) Limited is a "service driven" handbag manufacturing with in house design and development to bring product newness to a global market. TGL ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Divonu International Limited

    Divonu  was established in 1992. Our head office in Hong Kong and a manufacturing plant in Dongguan. We have 100 direct staffs and we are ...

    Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Welkin Trading Company (Operated by Grimstone Limited)

    Welkin Trading Co,. Ltd.(Operated by Grimstone Limited) is a knitwear manufacturer in China with a good reputation in the garment industry. We ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Kaili Group (HK) Ltd.

    Kaili Group HK Ltd, established in 1996 is located in Hong Kong, in Fujian China we have our own factory covering 3,500 square meters with skillful ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • C & K Metal Manufactory Limited

    specialize in manufacturing metal buttons, buckles, snaps, rivets. eyelets, rings, chains, hooks & eye ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Rainbow Accessory Limited

    Rainbow Accessory is a Button & Buckle manufacturer in Year 1994 with a good reputation in the apparel industry. We produce various kinds of high ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Hang Fung Button Manufactory Co., Ltd.

    Hang Fung Button Mfy Co., Ltd . is established in 2007, a Hong Kong based manufacture with own factory located in Shenzhen, China. > > We are ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • TA I Button Co., Ltd.

    TA I Button Co., Ltd. was first established in 1979 located in Taiwan. The company then set up Hong Kong office and China factory in 1993 in ...

    Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Ching Fung Metal Mfg. Fty., Ltd.

    Manufacturing Metal Accessories Since 1965 > > Since 1965, Ching Fung has been specializing in all types of fashionable buttons, buckles, and ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Wah Fung Metal & Plastic Manufacturing Ltd.

    "WAH FUNG METAL & PLASTIC MANUFACTURING LTD"   > has been manufacturing / export buttons, buckles, rubber patch, leather patch, reflective ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Star Enterprises Ltd

    Star Enterprises Ltd. - With Over 40 Years Of Experiences In Producing Handbag And Garment Accessories As Well As General Plastic And Metal Buckles ...; - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Wai Sun Button Manufactory Limited

    Buttons and buckles manufacturer and exporter for over 30 years. Our line of products include jeans (tack) buttons, eyelet (grommets), rivets, fashion metal buttons, polyester buttons, imitation ...; - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Yat Shing Electrical Company Limited

    We are a lighting product trading company specialized in the manufacturing of high quality wall / ceiling light fixtures including LED ceiling ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Ngar Kwong Electroplating Factory

    Ngar Kwong Electroplating Factory With 25 years of experience, we are sincere to provide electroplating and spraying services with high quality ...; - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • T & T Buttons & Buckles (HK) Ltd.

    In Offering Wide Range Of Products Such As Jeans Buttons, Snap Buttons, Rivets, Eyelets, Hooks ... such as Jeans Buttons, Snap Buttons, Rivets, Eyelets, Hooks and Eyes, Brass Shank Buttons, Tack Buttons ...; - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

  • Eliza Industrial Co. Ltd.

    ELIZA is a professional manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of bags. Products are made of materials such as PVC, PU, Polyester, Nylon, Canvas, ... - Hong Kong Eyelets Manufacturer

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