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Featured Gadgets Manufacturers/Suppliers

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  • Champion King Enterprises Ltd.

    gadgets, grater, slicer,home-use exercisers, garden tools, pets accessories, stainless steel blades ...; - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • New Star International Trading Company

    all kinds of ceramics The Newstar International Trading Company was established at 1996 in Hong Kong. Our company mainly provides the high ...

    Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • China Heaven Industries Limited

    China Heaven Industries Ltd. is a versatile manufacturer and exporter which has produced miscellaneous polystone metal and ceramic kitchenware ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Limited

    Eastcolight (hong Kong) Ltd., A Member Of The Eastco Group, Was Established In 1991, And Is Credited With Bringing Quality Microscopes, Telescopes, ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd.

    We, The Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd., Established Office In Hong Kong In 1950 With An Authorized Capital Of Hk$1, 000, 000.00 And The Current Assets ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Quisinette Housewares Ltd.

    . > > To suit ones needs we carry well over 9,000 items in our range such as Kitchen Tools, Gadgets, Bar items ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Further Step Industrial Co.

    Housewares manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong that supplies quality housewares, kitchenwares, silver plated items and sundry goods, also ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Gloso HK Industries Ltd

    Gloso HK Industries Ltd. is one of the Hong Kong leading battery manufacturer, specializes in producing various kind of battery products. The high ...; - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • IHL Limited

    IHL Ltd. is a Hong Kong company established in 1993. The principle activities are design, manufacture and export of innovative household products ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • K.C. Kinson Corp., Ltd.

    K.C. Kinson Corp., Ltd. was established since 1976. We have more than 37 years experience in the Trading field. With the past experience, we have ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Cyberkey Industrial (Hong Kong) Limited

    Cyberkey Industrial (Hong Kong) Limited is a professional designing, Manufacturing, distributing and exporting USB data storage drives and ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Mei Luen Metal Manufactory Ltd

    Clear Market Focus Underlines Mei Luen Metal Manufactory Ltd's Staying Power in the Kitchenware Industry Unlike many of its competitors that ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • RTB Industrial Ltd

    Manufacturer & exporter in Hong Kong supplies good quality Giftware & Premiums including toys, stationery, photo-frame, key-chain, figurine, ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Longer Plastic Factory Ltd

    Longer Plastic Factory Ltd with more than 40 years' experience in blowing & injection industry, we specialize in manufacturing all kinds of bellows, ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Globex Asia Ltd

    gadgets to elegant cosmetic pouches. Mr. Dennis Ng, Director ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Wiseway Trading Group Company

    design blades for all kinds of kitchen gadgets, household goods, garden tools, personal care and pets ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • LE Fronte Far East Company Limited

    Le Fronte is a manufacturer, specialized in designing and manufacturing green power supply, such as LED drivers and switching power supply, charger ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

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