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  • Champion King Enterprises Ltd.

    gadgets, grater, slicer,home-use exercisers, garden tools, pets accessories, stainless steel blades ...; - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Hip Lei Packaging Products Fty. Ltd.

    Hip Lei Packaging make use of variety of materials including PVC/PET/PP/EVA so that we can meet your different needs. We also use and combine ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • New Star International Trading Company

    all kinds of ceramics The Newstar International Trading Company was established at 1996 in Hong Kong. Our company mainly provides the high ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Limited

    Eastcolight (hong Kong) Ltd., A Member Of The Eastco Group, Was Established In 1991, And Is Credited With Bringing Quality Microscopes, Telescopes, ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd.

    We, The Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd., Established Office In Hong Kong In 1950 With An Authorized Capital Of Hk$1, 000, 000.00 And The Current Assets ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • TipTop Manufactory Limited

    TIPTOP MANUFACTORY LIMITED was established over 10 years of plastic and metal kitchen tools, gadgets, cultery, wine and cake accessories in this firm. We are a manufacturer located in Shenzhen area ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Quisinette Housewares Ltd.

    . > > To suit ones needs we carry well over 9,000 items in our range such as Kitchen Tools, Gadgets, Bar items ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Further Step Industrial Co.

    Housewares manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong that supplies quality housewares, kitchenwares, silver plated items and sundry goods, also ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Gloso HK Industries Ltd

    Gloso HK Industries Ltd. is one of the Hong Kong leading battery manufacturer, specializes in producing various kind of battery products. The high ...; - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Bunhoi Company Ltd.

    Bunhoi Company L imited is a Hong Kong based company, since 1978, specialized in kitchenware items and later extended to household items.  We ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Housewise Co., Ltd.

    Our service > Housewise is specialized in OEM & ODM projects for our customers. We start from design, prototype, material selection, tooling ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Exporter

  • K.C. Kinson Corp., Ltd.

    K.C. Kinson Corp., Ltd. was established since 1976. We have more than 37 years experience in the Trading field. With the past experience, we have ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • China Heaven Industries Limited

    China Heaven Industries Ltd. is a versatile manufacturer and exporter which has produced miscellaneous polystone metal and ceramic kitchenware ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Cyberkey Industrial (Hong Kong) Limited

    Cyberkey Industrial (Hong Kong) Limited is a professional designing, Manufacturing, distributing and exporting USB data storage drives and ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Polytex Industrial Ltd.

    Polytex Industrial Ltd. is a versatile manufacturer and exporter which has produced miscellaneous polystone metal and ceramic kitchenware ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Mei Luen Metal Manufactory Ltd

    Clear Market Focus Underlines Mei Luen Metal Manufactory Ltd's Staying Power in the Kitchenware Industry Unlike many of its competitors that ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • RTB Industrial Ltd

    Manufacturer & exporter in Hong Kong supplies good quality Giftware & Premiums including toys, stationery, photo-frame, key-chain, figurine, ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Longer Plastic Factory Ltd

    Longer Plastic Factory Ltd with more than 40 years' experience in blowing & injection industry, we specialize in manufacturing all kinds of bellows, ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Globex Asia Ltd

    gadgets to elegant cosmetic pouches. Mr. Dennis Ng, Director ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

  • Wiseway Group Trading Company

    design blades for all kinds of kitchen gadgets, household goods, garden tools, personal care and pets ... - Hong Kong Gadgets Manufacturer

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