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  • Tang's Decoration Manufactory Ltd.

    Tang's Decoration Mfy Ltd. is famous for its wide range of Christmas and festival decorations. The delightful selection includes tinsel garlands, ... - Hong Kong Gifts & Novelty Manufacturer

  • Pekhai Trading Co., Ltd.

    , tracksuit, T-shirt, windbreak, safety vest, reflective safety product, ball pen, clock, watch, gift ... - Hong Kong Gifts & Novelty Manufacturer

  • Cyberkey Industrial (Hong Kong) Limited

    novelty gifts. We have the most advanced facilities as well as the professional engineers to provide ... - Hong Kong Gifts & Novelty Manufacturer

  • Sincere Effort (Asia) Limited/ Sincere Effort Limited

    In The Ever Expanding Range Of Products Currently Include Hair Clip, Hair Band, Hair Barrette, Jaw Clip , Gift ... - Hong Kong Gifts & Novelty Manufacturer

  • Orchid Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

    We provide one-stop service from designing, packaging, formulating to producing toiletry gift sets ... ISO22716. > Our products include personal care sets, toiletry gift sets, perfumes, body sprays ... - Hong Kong Gifts & Novelty Manufacturer

  • Kintree International Company

    Kintree International Company is the manufacturer and exporter of plastic beads, stones, trimming and mardi gras items since 1990. We are also ... - Hong Kong Gifts & Novelty Manufacturer

  • Shenzhen Wanda Cosmetic Co., Ltd

    and exportation of high quality Professional cosmetic brushes,Gift cosmetic brushes,Promotional cosmetic ....  Our product makeup brush range covers: Professional cosmetic brushes; Gift cosmetic brushes ... - China Gifts & Novelty Manufacturer

  • Dexson Industries and Traders Limited

    and novelty gifts. The team of devoted designers of the company, well-seasoned sculptors and mold makers has ... - Hong Kong Gifts & Novelty Trading firm

  • Wei Peng Industrial Ltd.

    Wei Peng Industrial Ltd. , was established since 1988. It is an experienced OEM & ODM manufacturer of both metal and plastic parts / products ... - Hong Kong Gifts & Novelty Manufacturer

  • Good Business (China) Ltd.

    product line includes Advertising Gifts, Premium & Promotional items, Christmas Decorations, Toys & Games ... a wide variety of products major in  Advertising Gifts, Premium & Promotional items, Christmas ... - Hong Kong Gifts & Novelty Manufacturer

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