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Hong Kong Manufacturer
Domes with hole, Gold Plated, Twin Dome, Tact Switches, LCD Modules, 0.3",0.36",0.4",0.5",0.52",0.56" Red, Green, With pin, Reflective, Transflective, Transmissive, Customer made, Red, Green Yellow, SMD Transistor, &nbsp, HIGH POWER LED, Dome in Reels, Dome + Adhesive, Other Diode IN400I,IN400T, 3mm black filter, Size: 4x7, 5x5, 3x5 Tolerance:20% Standard Rating: 0.1 u.f.~220 u.f., 9012, 9013, 9014, 9015 / TYPE C,D, Useful for almost type telephone and other applications. Low operation voltage of 1.0v to 10v (Wm-034d Type) microphone with pins for pcb (Wm-034B/034DB type) Useful for tape recorders, toys, telephone and almost any other applications, The LCD products, including TN, HTN and STN, are extensively used in various type of electronic products including telecommunications, video and audio systems, instruments and meters, timers as well as calculators and games., R&D LEDs Operate With A High Degree Of Reliability Applications of R&D LEDs range from backlight for small switch to large public information screen. This is why we can meet various needs and damands. Applications - These lamps are widely used for various application. - Indication of all kinds. - Board for display. - Traffic Signal. Feature - Hign speed response - Hign reliability and long life. - Low power consumption. - Suitable for pulse operation., SMD LED, 080S,0603,1206 Size Tolerance: 5%, 1%, 16X1, -16x2, -20x2 / TN wihtout backlight / STN with backlight
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