Kam Tang Garment Factory Limited

Company Name
Kam Tang Garment Factory Limited
Member Name
Jaco Fung
Hong Kong (China)
Product Supplied
Apparel, Men's, Apparel, Women's, Casual Wear, Cowboy Suit, Dress / Skirt, Embroidered Fashion, Garment, Childrens, Garment, Denim, Jacket, Jeans, Outerwear, Pants,Women's Garment,Men's Garment,Children Garment
Cold Call that Makes a Difference
Kam Tang is a garment manufacturing company with more than 35 years history in the industry specializing in denim production, from elastic and non-elastic jackets, jeans, skirts to casual wear. To meet with their expansion scheme, they built accessible production facilities in Guangdong and were anxious of soliciting a new repertoire of clientele.

The company's business mode is export-based and market mainly centres in the United States and Europe markets. Clients in such markets are characterized by a high degree of consciousness to quality and services. In turn, they longed for a business partner with the same attention to quality which can assist with their continued drive to aggressive exploitation.

The encounter with Tradeeasy started in quite an unusual format �V cold call. The manager said they received plenty of such calls and were ready to close dialogue with any such unwelcome caller in no time. However, that time they were quick to realize "there was a difference" when Tradeeasy briefed them about its service. They had a hint that this trading platform could help them with their expansion, and indeed it did.

Tradeeasy offered them a package of services, from advertisements in their regular proprietary magazines, e-newsletters to procurement meetings with screened purchasers. The first two worked especially well and brought in a good number of queries, followed by sample orderings and site visits. Soon they were in partnership with some long term overseas customers with stable orders.

If the value of a trading platform is judged by its power of reach, choice of services, concrete efficacy and courtesy, they will give high ratings for Tradeeasy on all these four categories.

They especially express their appreciation of Tradeeasy service officers for their impeccable degree of expertise and amicability.

Kam Tang just renewed a two years' contract with Tradeeasy.