Smile Knitting Fashion Co., Ltd.

Company Name
Smile Knitting Fashion Co., Ltd.
Member Name
Ying Bai
Product Supplied
Apparel, Women's, Beading Fashion, Casual Wear, Outerwear, Sweater With Woven, , Beading Fashion, Casual Wear, Beading Fashion, Outerwear, Sweater With Woven, , Circular Machine Knitwear, Beading Fashion, Casual Wear, Outerwear, Sweater With Woven, Embroidered Fashion, Sweater With Fur
Gateway to Selected Pool of Purchasers
Smile knew Tradeeasy in 2005. After an introductory brief was given, the Tradeeasy Buyer Service officers paid a follow-up visit to the company to identify what Smile expected from Tradeeasy and purchasers, and explain how Tradeeasy could meet with such targets. Believing that Tradeeasy would be a relevant and powerful solution, Smile committed as a Tradeeasy user member.

During the service period, the company has participated in the buyer matching meetings and procurement meetings, where only a handful of relevant buyers or vendors are carefully screened to facilitate the matching process between both parties. The Message Center and Multi-Enquiry System proved a good promotional channel where potential purchasers are attracted to make online enquires. These initiatives resulted in placement of orders by a number of European and Hong Kong buyers.

Drawing on this impetus, the company also joined the China Qingdao Fashion Week in order to gain access to new Japanese and Korean potential customers.

Now that Smile��s new production facility has been officially launched, they anticipate closer cooperation with Tradeeasy for a mutually beneficial relationship in future.

Smile Garment Factory is located in Dalang Town, which is widely recognized as the famous woolen destination in China. Founded in 1997, Smile is a private enterprise specializing in designing, producing and marketing wool and knitwear for exportation to the U.S., Hong Kong, Taiwan and many European countries. The company prides itself on its combining strength of production efficiency and quality. They feature a diversified range of knits, woven, silks and denims which are enriched by attentive details including laces, embroideries and beadwork. A special emphasis is put on creating value for client through competitive products, accessibility of services and service quality.