China United (Xiamen) Botin Marketing Co.,Ltd

Company Name
China United (Xiamen) Botin Marketing Co.,Ltd
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Baby Care Products,Apparel,Fashion Accessories,Underwear
Product Supplied
Apparel, Men's, Apparel, Women's, Baby Wear, Blouse & Shirt, Cap & Hat, Baby Hot, Casual Wear, Garment, Childrens, Garment, Denim, Garment, Knitted, Garment, Woven, Infant Wear, Jacket, Jacket, Camping, Jeans, Knitwear, Children, Knitwear, Men, Knitwear, Women, Pants & Trousers, Polo
Conglomerate Sees Mutual Beneficial Relationship with Tradeeasy
China United (Xiamen) Botin Marketing Co., Ltd knew Tradeeasy through word of mouth recommendations and enrolled as its supplier member in the year of 2005. They commissioned Tradeeasy for its unique capability to match them with targeted products and markets by providing a spectrum of relevant purchaser portfolio. After gaining a deep understanding of their business nature and focus, Tradeeasy helped Xiamen Botin to draft and prepare tailored promotional mails for potential overseas buyers in the US and European markets. A wave of feedbacks and queries were followed.

The procurement meetings arranged by Tradeeasy are especially creditworthy. They give a special opportunity for the firm to meet with potential purchasers to which the firm normally has no access. Most of these purchasers have kept in contact with Botin, and some of them actually placed good orders and became recurrent customers.

Seeing "mutual benefit" as a prerequisite for any partnership, Botin looks forward to cooperating with Tradeeasy on more aspects so as to create a win-win solution for buyers, vendors and agents.

Based in Xiamen, Fujian province, Xiamen Botin is a manufacturer, distributor and trader of multi-industries, supported with a wide range of business divisions including domestic trade, chain sale, international trade, research development and production.

In terms of domestic trade, the company is devoted to the healthy nutrition project for infants and sells dozens of brand-name products on commission, including food, toys, clothing, shoes, and hats. As an international trader, they engage in import-export trade, entrepot trade and tax-free storage for industrial and mining products - namely farm and subsidiary products, food, clothing, shoes and hats, gifts, valve fitting - which are exported to Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, America and so on. The firm has over fifty chain stores for distributing medium-priced or upscale goods such as food for infants, clothing, feminine skin appliances etc. They have garment factories for producing children's clothing with their own brand and for holding OEM orders. The apparels are mainly exported and sold to the world such as the Europe, America.