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Ruichao Electronics Shenzhen Co., Ltd Preview Staging

Led Light Shower Head Light Shower

Item Code / Model Number:

Description:  Ruichao Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen

The pursuit of quality of life you want to own life of course, full of color, a kind of let your life is full of color products, it will be free flowing crystal clear water full of shiny, your shower will become fantasy world, sparkling

Product Characteristics:

1, temperature control, color changes:

Today's world is a popular high-tech electronic products, installed in the shower head free.

(1): When the water temperature is less than or equal to 32 degrees when converted to a free green.

(2): 33 - 40 degrees will automatically switch to blue light.

(3): 41-45 degrees to the time to red lights.

(4): 46 degrees distinguished flashes to remind you the water temperature is too high.

2, the application of the crowd;

All people, particularly suitable for the elderly and children to use to prevent the water temperature is too high to be burned, is a very convenient and practical products.

3, environmental protection and energy saving;

After the water source of water there is no need to connect the battery, in the spray of water will be issued by a single moment of light colors, even at night when taking a bath in the bath room is not very bright lights. This product, as well as from the environmental point of view of energy conservation, design reasonable, pleasing in appearance!

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand: Ruichao
Unit Price: USD 6
Port: FOB Shenzhen
Payment Terms: T/T
Delivery Time: 15 days
Min Order Quantity: 200pcs

Company Profile

  • Business Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Country:
  • China

Contact Information

  • Company Name:
  • Ruichao Electronics Shenzhen Co., Ltd
  • Country:
  • China
  • Address:
  • Xixiang Silver Text Lok Industrial Park A Second Floor, Building 2, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
  • Website:
  • http://www.sky-sword.com
  • Contact Person:
  • Ms. Emma Xie (Manager)
  • Instant Messenger:

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