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Universal Laptop Battery Tester With Test, Charge, Discharge Function

Universal Laptop Battery Tester With Test, Charge, Discharge Function, RFNT3
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Universal Laptop Battery Tester With Test, Charge, Discharge Function Universal Laptop Battery Tester With Test, Charge, Discharge Function
laptop battery tester
Model NO.: RFNT3

*Charge:Active, pre-charge, constant current and constant voltage are the stages of charging mode. The initial charging mode depends on the battery voltage, so active and pre-charge don't happen to every batteries.
*Discharge:Constant current discharge for double loads.
*Test:Testing time is 30 seconds and the purpose is to check both the charging and discharging performances.
*Capacity Correction: The battery capacity value in the battery management chip will different from the actual capacity after a battery goes through many recycling cycles. It will affect the use of the battery when the difference reaches a certain degree. Capacity correction is to deep discharge a battery and then fully charge, which will correct the capacity value in the battery management chip.
*50% Capacity:
CD50%: charge firstly, and then discharge to 50% capacity
DC50%: discharge firstly, and then charge to 50% capacity
*Online Functions:Tester can be connected with master machine via a USB port. Users can monitor, control and set parameters via Battery Manager software in the master machine.
*Monitoring:Battery information can be monitored via three windows.
*Control:Battery Manager can control slave machine completely. Right-click menu on the battery bar includes the related commands.
*Parameters:Users can set working parameters via set parameter window in Battery Manager.

*With one channel, supporting one intelligent battery
*Supporting charge, discharge, test, capacity correction, charge / discharge 50% capacity
*LCD for displaying battery informaiton
*LED for indicating working status
*With charge-key, discharge-key, backlight-key and function-key
*Pre-charge, fast charge and constant voltage charge for charging stages and the variation range of the values of the constant current and the constant voltage is less than 1%
*Constant current for discharging
*With a USB port for connecting with computers, master machine can monitoring and control slave machine
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  • China
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  • Poloso
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  • battery tester, digital tester, laptop battery tester

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  • China
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  • 10-50 workers
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  • 2003
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  • US$50M - US$100M

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  • New Giant (hk) Limited
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  • China
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  • Room 1518.1519, Dongming Building, Mingkang Road, Longhua Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
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  • Ms. Teresa Jiang (Sales)

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