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List of Beads Suppliers by Category

Lists of Hong Kong & China Beads Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders & Exporters are sorted out for your reference. Please have a look and inquire now respectively.
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  • SMS Team International Ltd.

    SMS Team Int'l Ltd. Is an enterprise with good reputation all over the Garment Accessories industry. We are a manufacturer and supplier of high ... - Hong Kong Beads supplier

  • East Asia Christmas Decoration Co., Ltd.

    East Asia Christmas Decoration is an exporter and manufacturer of Christmas & Seasonal Decoration since 1971. > Our company offers a wide range ...; - Hong Kong Beads supplier

  • Triumph Ford Industrial Limited

    Triumph Ford Industrial Limited is a group company found in 1981. Company manufacture high-end best quality products, with high capacity and ...

    Hong Kong Beads supplier

  • Button Trim Limited

    Button Trim Limited     is a group company  found in 1981. Company manufacture high-end best quality products,   with high capacity and ... - Hong Kong Beads supplier

  • Yun Fat Chung Yuen Company Ltd.

    Yun Fat Chung Yuen was founded in Hong Kong since 1985, it specializes in designing and manufacturing Christmas and seasonal decorations. > > Our ... - Hong Kong Beads supplier

    [Related Categories: Wall Decoration, Bead Chain, Golden Ornament]
  • Shing Wing Company

    Our company is a manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of natural and stabilized Chinese turquoise with 15 years long. We own factory and turquoise ... - Hong Kong Beads supplier

  • Kintree International Company

    Kintree International Company is the manufacturer and exporter of plastic beads, stones, trimming and mardi gras items since 1990. We are also ... - Hong Kong Beads supplier

    [Related Categories: Wall Plaque]
  • Kind Wood Beads Ltd.

    Kind Wood Beads Ltd - Our company experiences and specializes in whole- selling and retailing of all types of clothing accessories. We have a wide ... - Hong Kong Beads supplier

  • Ka Shun Industrial Co.

    Our company was established in 1987, and our factory is located near by Shenzhen-Shantou highways, had convenient transportation, our factory ... - Hong Kong Beads supplier

  • Che Wing Hong (HK) Limited

    Your Direct Source... .Manufacturer And Exporter The Pioneer of Floral Supplies - Designed With You - For You! At Che Wing Hong (HK) Limited, We ... - Hong Kong Beads supplier


    YAX rhinestones & motifs factory is a professional manufacturer of hotfix motifs, Swainstone,lead free rhinestone which is located in Guangzhou, ... - China Beads supplier

  • Honest (Asia) Ltd.

    Honest Asia Ltd. incorporated in 2005, specializes in the manufacturing and exportation of creative toys and stationery pouch.  We do create item ... - Hong Kong Beads supplier

  • China Beads Factory

    china beads wholesaler have own beads factory for wholesale glass beads, murano pendants, glass charms, new lucky charms with cheaper price.China ... - China Beads supplier

  • Yiwu Ayumi Trade Co., Ltd.

    Ayumi Trade Co. Ltd. is set up in 2000. We are the factory of crystal beads, we produce various kind of crystal beads, crystal lamp decoration ... - China Beads supplier

  • Jaunty Overseas

    Manufacturer & Exporter of hand made and machine made Glass Beads, Fashion Jewellery and Accessories from India. We have more than 800000 ... - India Beads supplier

  • Yuya Factory

    YUYA BEADS FACTORY specialize in manufacturing acrylic beads ,beaded curtains and a series of jewelry and curtain accessories. > > > We possess ...

    China Beads supplier

  • Shanghai Jade Gems Factory Ltd

    Shanghai Jade Gems Factory Ltd. is a well established semi-precious stone jewelry (non-finished) and carving manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter ... - Hong Kong Beads supplier

  • Luen Yick Fashion Accessories Ltd.

    Luen Yick Fashion Accessories Ltd is a Hong Kong based manufacture with our own factory located in China. We specialized in the manufacturing ... - Hong Kong Beads supplier

  • Zhongyi Jewelry & Accessories Co., Ltd.

    Ningbo Zhongyi Jewelry & Accessories Co., Ltd is a general trading company in China. We are manufacturer and exporter of a variety of beads, ...

    China Beads supplier

  • Shining Fresh Gemstone Factory

    SHINING FRESH GEMSTONE FACTORY was established in 1998, which specializing in producing gemstones beads, semi precious stone beads, shell beads, ... - China Beads supplier

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