China Manufacturer
60 tons
Baby Powder ----- absorbs dampness,leaves skin fresh and healthy, comfortable and smooth gentle enough for newborns. Honeysuclle Essence rich, soothes baby's chafing pricky heat and skin irritation., Baby Laundry Liquid ---- ultra concentrated tough on dirt and stains, biodegradable and hypo-allergenic, leaving garments soft lightly scented and static-free. With natural ingredients contains no phosphorus or bleach., Baby Oil ---- nourishes baby's skin instantly with natural scent of lavender soothing and relaxing, prevents excess moisture loss. Contains natural Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to maintain skin tendness, enriched with the natural scent of lavender., Baby Milky Bath ---- Our Tear-free formula is specially designed for baby , soap-free and pH balance suitable for everyday use., Baby Shampoo ---- Our Tear-free formula is specially designed for baby, soap-free and pH balance mild enough for newborns. enriched with Natural Moistening Factor, Chamomile Essence and Vitamin E.
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