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China Manufacturer
Name: Multi Function Water Number: KA-PH01  PH、ORP 7-color LCD Type: New Products power supply: 220V/50HZ power consumption: MAX320w 4.5A(according to water quality) electrolysis mode: continuous(inbuilt flow volume meter) electrolysis material: nanometer titanium platinum sintered electrobath(5,4) electrolysis band: alkaline 4、purified water 1、acidic 2 size: height310mm☆width220mm☆depth125mm weight: about 3.2kg Notes Of Product: ⌒ especially designed according to mainland's water quality, pass national healthy water quality examination standard. ⌒ originally use multifunctional LCD screen, 7-color luminescence, clearly indicate working condition of water machine ⌒ strong electrolysis ability, volume of outwater limit warning, assure electrolysis standard; temperature protect notice, defend unproper afflux of hot water or unproper continuous use. ⌒ high performance water purifying filter cartridge(silver-carrying activated carbon filter cartridge) ⌒ replacement of filter cartridge automatically notice, drinking water is more safe and clean ⌒ automatically cleansing electrobath function ⌒ LCD informs: water temperature, water flow volume, and electrolyzing, cleaning, lifetime of filter cartridge, PH value, O.R.P indicator etc. ⌒ PH value inching 20 sections adjustment, PH value emendation according to different water quality. ⌒ Liquid crystal seven colors color-changing display indicates: music warning and automatic reply design for preventing wrong drinking, Water Ionizer is a new products with high-tech to bring Alkaline Water and Acidic Water. Nomally, the healthy body assumes Alkaline condistion, PH value for water in our body is 7.35 to 7.45; If have out of this range then our body will feel not better and bring disease. Drinking our Alkaline Water can balance the Alkaline and Acidic in our body, reacts on the disease prevention, and improve physique health care function., Category: Home Appliances Description: alkaline water ionizers, preferably countertop models If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us. Thanks.
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