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China Manufacturer
Pure peanut butter, crunchy peanut butter and creamy peanut butter Selected materials, reasonable price and various specifications, The material are all high quality peanut from Shandong proveince, China. Specification Packing Details (TIN/CTN) CTN SIZE(length* wide *high) 20GP 200g 12 TIN/CTN 28.0CM*21.2CM*16.5CM 3187 340g 12 TIN/CTN 30.4CM*23.2CM*10.5CM 2138 510g 12 TIN/CTN 34CM*25.5CM*13.5CM 2901 1kg 12 TIN/CTN 39CM*29.5CM**17.5CM 1240 Color Shallow cinnamon, colour and lustre is consistent Taste and smell With peanut fragrance ,no Burnt flavor and other peculiar smell. shape Don't flow of soft paste evenly sauce body, without obvious grease exhalation, no crack Fat 41.6% Protein 24.8% moisture 0.5% ashcontent 2.2% Acid value(with fat plan) 1.1% peroxide 0.12g/100g arsenic (As plan) 0.05mg/kg Lead(Pb) 0.05mg/kg aflatoxin None Sorbic acid None Benzoic acid none Total number of Bacteria 10 /g Coli group 30 /100g Ingredients list Peanut kernel , salt, sugar, use additives (single and double, three Kennedy fats)
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