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Seafood in China is mostly located in coastal regions. ADD Company buys the seafood in quantities in coastal region of west Guangdong, plus timely production ensures the seafood products in high quality. This Prawn powder has Full-bodied & natural shrimp flavor, original taste lasting longer. It can be used in instant noodle, seafood product, snack food. Only small addition makes your product tasted., HALAL Food is a kind of diet, non-staple foods and foods which are produced based on the eating habits of the minority of Hui nationality, through the scientific slaughter and process to reach the HALAL standard. After built up the independent HALAL factory and developed a range of HALAL products, ADD Company has achieved the HALAL certificate successfully. FN9009 is one of our halah beef flavour which can be used on meat product like sausage, instant noodle seasoning, household seasoning., The pure chicken powder B9-2-5 is one of our hot product sells in domestic martket and oversea, it can be used in meat product like sausage, instant noodles, cookies, snack food. It is pure and tasted, full aroma.
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