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China Manufacturer
bee pollen, honey, royal jelly, beeswax, propolis
Royal jelly is a kind of vinegary, astringent and spicy milk white or light yellow cream-like substance secreted from the glands in the head of worker bees. It is used to feed the queen bee and bee larvae. Royal jelly is also called royal plasm. Royal jelly is rare and precious, produces unusually, and the ingredient is complex, having greatly health care function and special medical effectiveness. The elements of royal jelly is rather complex, it consists of proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrate different kinds of nutrition substance. The moisture make up about 62.5%-70% of fresh royal jelly, dry substance accounts for the 30%-37.5%, the protein content in dry substance of royal jelly accounts the most proportion, about 36%-55%, other elements such as 12 kinds of free Amino Acid accounts for about 0.8%. Carbohydrate comprises about 20% above , the fats substance content is 7.5-15% , mineral substance is 0.9-3%. Royal jelly powder is made used of modern equipments; put the fresh good quality royal jelly drying in refrigerant condition. It is a milk white or light yellow powder ,it tastes vinegary ,astringent ,spicy and a little sweet , the purity is 100%.and there is no any additional elements .Its nutrition content is triple weight of fresh royal jelly ., The pollen of bee is called bee pollen for short, is in honeybee's worker bee the pollen grain which (honey plant and pollen source plant) in the flowered medicine gathers from the phanerogam, the bee added the nectar and saliva in the process of secretion, after mixing it , and then form a kind of irregular ,oblate lumpy substance .The element of bee pollen is a little different from general pollen, due to its rich nutrition, completely natural health care products ,it is called "the miniature nutrition storehouse", "the complete nutrition source", "the youth and health food" Bee pollen is human good quality nutrition substance given by nature, it contains different kinds of useful elements for people .Its composition is rather complex. At present 200 kinds is known. Usually including protein :20-25%.Carbohydrate 40%-50% , fat 5%-10% . There are other components such as Microelement, Vitamin, Nucleic Acid, Enzymes and Hormone .Therefore; it is hailed as “tiny nutrition storehouse” by people., The honey is the main products of bee, is the nectar or secretion that bee collects , passing to make by fermentation well , storing in a kind of sweet material of sticky dense form in the honeycomb . It is rich nutrition food and health care product. So far, there is more than 180 kinds of substance has checked .The essential component is monosaccharide, such as glucose and fructose (above 75%) etc . . . It is easy to absorb by the human body cell, tissue and organ .In the mean time, it can produce a great deal of calories but don't contain fat .It is also the food supplement and the natural drugs., Propolis is a kind of colloid made by bees,they collect the resign from the sprout and bark, compound them with secrething from tongue and wax gland,then propolis forms.bees paint the substance over the comb surface for preservation.propolis comprises 20 sorts and more than 300 kinds of nutrition composition.which is rare narural resouce and socalled "purple gold ". Propolis has the pith of both insect and plant with special chmistry composition ,It contains more than 30 kinds of Flavone substance,tens kinds of Aromatic substance,more than 20 kinds of Amino Acid ,Besides,there is also including 30 kinds of microelement, such as rich organic acid ,vitamin and terpen.polysaccharide and enzymes ,which of them are with natural biotic active composition , Therefore,they have a lot of useful function for human body , can strengthen the natural immunity, activating cells,removing the toxin,antiinflammatory,allergy,care liver ,lower down the blood sugar fat ,slowing aging process and anti-atheroma., bee wax is a kind of fat-like substance excreted from the wax gland in the stomach of the worder bee.Tt is light yellow, yellow or dark brown with plasticity and lubricity ,mainly made of fatness,dissociate fatty acid,carbonhydrate and water and used widely in cosmetic, furniture,E&E, glass,pharmacy,food industry and etc.
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