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Ladders, Available in Various Colours, Yellow, White, Blue, Red, Orange, Options Chinstrap, Impact and Chemical Protection, Approved by HK Government NRR up to 31, "3M", "AO", "WILLSON", "CLIMAX" Available for Different Purposes, Leather gloves,latex and synthetic gloves for different uses, EN374, EN388, EN407, Belt with 1.2m Lanyard and K333 Snap Hook; SS402: Part 1 : 1997, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Blanket, Fire Alarm, Fire Clothing, Welding Clothing,Welding Blanket,Welding Screen,Welding Helmet,Welding Goggle, Flashback Arrestor, Offer High Quality Handtools, Powertools for Various Industries, Experience in Boiler Maintenance, Building Services with more than 20 years, Supply and Install the material handling system to maximize capacity, and minimize cost, Design and Build the conveyors, programmable control, production line to ensure the highest efficiency, Provide one stop services in Sourcing, Quality Control, Contracting, Provide tailor made proposal to increase productivity, Electrical, Air Velocity, Pressure & Flow, Temperature & Humidity, Gas Detection, Laboratory.... Can provide NIST traceable certificates, Lathes, Sanders, Dust Collectors, Saws, Attachments got the International Awards Several times in the past 20 Years, A Variety of Dust Collectors to Improve Productivity and Working Environment, "WYNN'S" industrial, commercial, automobile products famous for over 50 years, #28-1 Heat Resistant Glove, 250 degC, Traffic Cone, Sign, Flashing Light......., OSHR Standard First Aid Kit for Less than 10 Employees, Between 10 to 49 Employees., Tripod/Winch, Stretcher, Gas Detector, Alarm, Resuscitator, Ventilator and Lighting, Fusion Range - PU Rubber, Heat Resist up to 300 o C, EN345-S3P, Hygiene and Disposable Protection,-Non-Woven, Tyvek Hazmat Protection - EN943-1, EN465, Available with Different Filters and Cartridges, A1, A2, P2, P3, Approved, Impact Protection, Can be worn with or without spectacles, Traditional Range with Steel Toe and Midsole, EN345-SIP, Specialised in Handling the Flammable and Explosion Dusts, Fireproof, Aluminized Clothing to EN531, 761/A1 for Organic Vapour, Solvents 761/P3 for Fine Dust, Aerosols, OTG (Over-The-Glass) Design; Duoflex Temple Feature, Comfort and Adjustable., Collect the Excess Oilmist During Production. Widly Use with Die Casting Machine, CNC Machining Centre...., PBS Series Midsole with Heel EVA Shock Absorbing, EN345-SIP, Dynamic Range - Dual Density PU Sole, EN345-S2P, High quality equipments for different industries Frequency Changers, Plastic Machines, Metal Machines, Retractable Fall Arrest Blocks with Lengths 2.5, 3, 5, 9.5, 20, 30m EN360, Shock Absorber with Lanyard, K332 and K333 Snap hooks, EN355, Eye-washer, Shower and Eye Washer, Faucet Mount Eyewash ANSI Z358.1-1998, #67901 Emission Control (gasoline and diesel), K201 Safety Belt with large snap hook, Work Cloth, Uniform Shoes, Raincoat, Reflective Vest......, Training Kits, Metals, Woods, Adhesive, Wax ,Paints......., Offer over 250,000 industrial and commercial products and supplies with technical support and after sales services, Models, Wall Charts, Videos........, Back Support, Wrist Support, Back Rest, Footrest....., Ladders, Scaffolds, Hydraulic Platforms, Lockout....., Spill Kit, Sorbents, Spill Containments, Roll, Pads, Boltless 2 in 1 Rack Set, 900 x 350 x 1828mm, 10 to 49 employees, OSHR (Appendix 1 to 5), # VISA Gas Detector, Shock Absorber with 2 Lanyard, K332 and K333 Snap hooks, EN354/355, Rope Grab with K333 Snaphook, EN353-2, A Wide Range of Safety Hooks, Alpine Snap hook, Karabiners, etc., Approved Items by HK Government "3M" "EAR" "HOWARD LEIGHT", COLOCK harness EN361 with K611 Lanyard EN354, K453 harness with 1 Dorsal D-ring and 2 Chest D-rings EN361 ; K522 positioning belt EN358, Containment Pallets, Drum, Trolley, Flammable Cabinet, Cans, Pump
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nut, standoff, studs, fastener, pin
Panel fasteners with spring-loaded captive screws for mounting into PC boards.Thread sizes#4,#6 and M3., Completely pre-assembled spring-loaded panel fasteners.Thread sizes#4 to #10 and M3 to M5., Completely pre-assembled spring-loaded panel fasteners.Thread sizes #4 to 1/4" and M3 to M6., Completely pre-assembled spring-loaded panel fasteners.Thread sizes M2.5 and M3., Completely pre-assembled spring-loaded panel fasteners.Thread size#4 to 1/4" and M3 to M6.s
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