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China Manufacturer
This system accept solar radiation on day and change it to power, then convey the power to loads. Rich electricity directly integrate into public grid nearby. So on rainy days or at night, users get electricity from public grid., Mode: PPL22.4/6-3A Super white LED light source 3W Solar panel 6W Lithium battery 3.5AH 170*170*270mm 0.2kg Apply to outdoor activities, such as camping\walking at night; Daily power supply 24~36Wh; Make LED lamp keep working for 7.4 hours continuously; Waterproof\seismic\20 years lifetime; Validity: One year Mode: PPL25.6/8-3A Super white LED light source 3W Solar panel 8W Lithium battery 4AH 170*170*270mm 0.2kg Apply to outdoor activities, such as camping\walking at night; Daily power supply 32~48Wh; Make LED lamp keep working for 8.5 hours continuously; Waterproof\seismic\20 years lifetime; Validity: One year, The Solar home System(SHS), which is manufactured by our company consist of solar module, lead-acid battery, controller, breaker, bracket and pole. In installation, it utilizes independent power supply system, without buried cables, charging automatically, simple execution, without manual operation, steady & reliable working, long life-time and has characters of safety, energy saving, environment protection, utility, high- efficiency and easy assembly. Characteristics of Solar Home System: Long working-lifetime\battery with high efficiency\small weight\no need change any accessory until 10 years Durable\wind range of working environment Energy management\high exchange efficiency\high performance ratio It applies to rival land\ship\seaboard\horde\mountain, etc Supply power independently\no need worry about power ending Energy-saving and pollution-reducing; Happy life Safe and reliable\save cost of delivering power and maintaining We also can customize the solar home system according to client's requirements Specifications Rated Power 75W Input Voltage 12V/24V Output Voltage 220V± 1% Output Waveform Modified sine wave Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz System Efficiency ≥ 95% Additional Distortion ≤ 2% Power Factor 0.85 Ambient Temperature -35 Degree Celcius~50Degree Celcius Humidity 85% Protection With over-charging and low-voltage protection Components solar panel, cable for solar panel, shelf for solar panel, solar controller, inverter, power box, colloid battery with free maintenance, other accessories(cable), The PWT1000 wind generator uses natural wind energy to drive rotor and generator for generating electric, and then stores it in the battery by controller. The battery will discharge electric energy to lighting or other DC appliances when they are using. It's also can convert to AC 220V/50Hz (or 110V/60Hz) by inverter for AC appliances. Application: POL series wind generator is a new type of green energy specially applies for roadway illumination\park landscape illumination\home appliances, as well as some places lack of electricity or no electricity, such as rural area\mountain area\pastoral area\border post\weather station\radar station\ relay station and outdoor exploration, the small and medium power generation is an ideal investment and lifetime Specifications Rated Power 1000W Starting wind speed 2m/s Cut-in wind speed 2.5m/s Rated wind speed 12m/s Survival wind speed 50m/s Rated DC output 48V Weight 27kg Diameter of rotor 1.8m Height of pole 4m-12m, Solar module with high efficiency solar cells. High-efficiency silicon solar cells, more power in peak hours through cells. Optimized module performance with nominal voltage 24/18/12V DC. Bypass diodes to avoid hot-sot effect, solar cells are embedded in a sheet of PET and EVA. 3.2mm high transmission low-iron, tempered glass, unique esthetic appearance of solar cells. Attractive, stable, heavy duty anodized aluminum frames with convenient mounting-access, for high wind-pressure and snow-load. The backside frames are equipped with drainage holes.So we eliminate the risk that rain or snow water may accumulate in the frame lumen and freeze or even bend the frame in cold season. Technical parameters Model POL-85W Item Value Item Value Max power 85.0W Dimension of solar module mono-crystalline silicon125*125mm Error of system Plus-minus 5% Array 36=4*9 Working voltage 17.4V Dimension of solar module 1200*550*35mm Working current 4.88A Weight of solar panel 8.0kg Open-circuit voltage 21.6V Grade of protection IP65 Short-circuit current 5.37A Guarantee of quality Max power not less than 90% after attenuation for 10 years; Max power not less than 80% after attenuation for 20 years Working temperature -40 Degree C to +85 Degree C Ability of defending damage Defend attack from steel ball with 227g by falling free from 1m & 60m/s strong wind Max system voltage 1000V Coefficient of power temperature compensation 0.06plus-minus 0.01%/K Max protection current 15A Coefficient of power temperature compensation - (78 plus-minus 10)MV/K Condition of standard test: Radiate1000W/m2, temperature25 Degree C, air mass=1.5 Coefficient of power temperature compensation - (0.5 plus-minus 0.05)%/K
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