In July 2013, Eone has run a Kickstarter campaign that became one of the top-funded design campaigns on the site. While their crowdfunding goal was $40,000, they successfully raised nearly $600,000 from 3,861 backers across 65 countries. With such overwhelming support from the Kickstarter community, The Bradley is now launched to market!


Eone was founded with an innovative spirit and an unwavering mission: to create fashionable products that are accessible for everyone. Pronounced e (like the letter) and one (like the number), the name Eone is short for everyone, reflecting their desire to serve everyone.

The debut product - The Bradley Timepiece - was created to accommodate both sighted and vision impaired users equally. Since the Bradley doesn't require sight to tell time, it is presented as a timepiece instead of a watch. This timepiece is fashionable, yet functional.

The Bradley allows users to check time discretely during in any location and occasion. Instead of relying on the intrusive talking watches or fragile, inaccurate tactile watches, vision impaired could check time by touching the marking of the Bradley timepiece.

After the successful launch of the Bradley, Eone is currently developing future products that focused on inclusive design.