"Innovating recycled materials for sustainable product design"

- Colin Chui, Buying Retention Department Manager

With the rise of global warming on the international agenda, coupled with a focus on healthy lifestyle and a dedication to the ethical treatment of animals, recycled leather has entered the scene as a force for good. Brands specifically and the fashion industry as a whole have long sought sustainable materials; originally turning to fabric, now they are considering recycled leather. Additionally, the end consumers are a more socially and environmentally conscious generation, desiring products with less animal materials and wishing to eliminate plasticised products. While consumers in mainstream markets still buy leather products, there is a strong upward demand for ethical, green and recycled products. Consumers are ready for a charge!

Beyond leather, which is expensive and production is far from eco-friendly due to harsh tanning processes, synthetic leather is another option. It is often to variously as PU, PVC, vegan leather or micro fiber and, while cheaper than leather, it is not eco-friendly either.

The Best Eco-Friendly Material

The concept is simple - reinvent recycled leather into fashion products like bags, wallets, small leather goods, belts as well as home d├Ęcor items like placemats, baskets, and trays. The options are endless! Recyc LeatherTM is the best sustainable alternative to PU, vegan leather (essentially plastic), composition leather, PVC, and animal leather. It is 100% recycled from a process that takes surplus scraps of cow split leather and binds them using eco-materials like natural rubber, afterwards using non-toxic natural materials to colour the recycled leather. Rather than sending these extra scraps of leather to the landfill, they are turned into green, non-chemical products which pass European lab test standards (REACH & RoHS). The manufacturing process minimizes V02 emissions and all products adhere to BS 2780 and thus are certified as leather. Ultimately recycled leather products are lower cost than genuine leather, and have a very similar leather finish look, feel the same as genuine leather to the touch and offer high design flexibility for embossing and colour.

RECYC LEATHERTM helps your brand become more sustainable and is happy to develop recycled leather products according to your specifications. Please join us in creating a sustainable future for the world!

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