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cow bone carving, south china, traditional
FOB Guangzhou
Carving Arts Workshop
Name: the Legend of Guangzhou City Size: 51*21.5*37cm Base: rose wood package: leather suitcase This item is very popular both abroad and domestic.
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flowers, cow bone carving, traditional chinese handcraft
Jingdiao Fang
Name: Everything Goes Smoothly Size: 61*12.6*32CM Base: Rose wood Package: leather suitcase
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the yellow crane tower, cow bone carving, traditional chinese handcraft
Name: Splendid Mainland Size: 47*16.6*32CM Base: wenge wood packageļ¼šleather suitcase
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guangong, cow bone carving, traditional chinese handcraft
Jingdiao Fang
Nameļ¼šGuangong Size: 22*10.8*18CM Base: Common wood/rose wood/wenge wood Package: Leather suitcase
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