fooc box, gift, box pack
Hong Kong (China) Manufacturer
Whether you are a chocolate lover or not, you will find Che Che pralines irresistible! They are luscious, zesty and meltingly sweet delights. Each ...
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2013 INIE
nutrition food, health food, organic food
FOB Bank
2013 Ieoe
The 3rd INIE China (Shanghai) International Nutrition Food & Health Food Industry Expo Date : May 22--24, 2013 Venue : Shanghai Exhibition ...
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cocoa, chocolate, foodadditive
FOB Shanghai
Cocoa powder is rich in nutrition which has high-calorie fat and abundant protein and carbohydrate. There are a certain amount of alkaloids, ...
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5000 Kg.
ISO 9000 - ISO 22000
Tatlan PAzarlama
We produce Tahini with the best health condtions. We have all the necessary informtaions for the export to all over of the World.
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cocoa powder
Material : GIASIMING BRAND COCOA POWDER is made of the picked cocoa, which comes from Ghana of West Africa. The crafts include clearing, baking over ...
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