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Swimming Pool Pumps

Swimming Pool Pumps
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Swimming Pool Pumps Swimming Pool Pumps
Function and characteristics
The pump acts the high strength industry fiber pastis as pump corpus,arranging the accurate mechanical type axis and high quality stainless steel axis.
The seal performance is excellent ,single phase electric motor appratus overcapacity open citcuit system ,can long hours continously work.. main material and installation structure of each part of pump series are based on the meticulous care bolting and perfect design, have big run off,bear decay,waterproof flow bombardment ,low noiseand so on charateristics, its shape exquisite beautiful,the installation is simple, and can add the additional splicing enzyme fitting.

Performance chart at n=2900r/min

Model Input power(W) Inlet/Outlet Max flow(L/h) Max.head(m) Gw (kg) Pcking dimension(mm)
SP-12001 900 1.5”*1.5” 230 14 11 545*230*320
SP-1500 1500 3”*3” 335 17 17 635*300*398

Operating limits
Fluid temperature to +35℃
Max ambient temperature +40℃

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  • China
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  • 100pcs
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  • water pump, garden pump, swimming pool pumps

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