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Digital Inkjet Flag Printer

Digital Inkjet Flag Printer, 2600F3
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Digital Inkjet Flag Printer Digital Inkjet Flag Printer
Market application one
1、Featured on the double-sided dyeing,strong colors fastness,accurate coloring,clarify pattern,strong wind resistance,and elegant feeling etc.
it is suitable for use of the flags,advertisement indoor and outdoor,and banners.
2、Due to lightten flags and the good stretching performance,it is suitable to demonstrate in the demonstration halls,and advertise out of the building.
3、Since of the flags’ environmental friendly and the using of water-based inks,It is of environmental friendly.

Market application tow
1、Time-same economic short process,eliminating plate making process,reducing printing time are to meet the need of corresponding market trend.
2、On-demand inkjet technology’s application,the efficient using of printing inks and dyes and reducing the waste of dye are good forenvironmental friendly.
3、According to the characters and the designing types of fabric,we can choose the ink point size,the inkjeting speed,the drop volume to ensure printing good
homogenization,high perviousness,high definition,high plumpness.And the patterns are life-like and colorful.
4、Infinite variety of designing and digital images are good for designing more creatively and flexibly.
5、Industrial printheads have stronger adaptibility for the inks.The dyes used for digital printing at present are:reactive dye, acid dye,disperse dye and coating dye.
6、Adjusting the heights of printheads freely,adaptibility of different thickness fabrics,and flexible 4/6/8 colors options meet the needs of different products’
production and the quality.

Industrial printhead manufactured in Japan, can print with high speed and color saturation, which definitely outclassed any desktop printer.
Imported high-quality core components can ensure safe and stable production throughout the year.
Professional-graded ink to suit efficient industrial production.
With multi-functional and easy operated RIP software, printer performance is optimized in terms of color reproduction.

Flags Applications
Colourfully printed Advertising Flags are an amazing resource for decorative purposes.
It shows your message high and clear and builds a positive image in the mind of the viewers.
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