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1.Tube in Tube Expert
Among the tube in tube manufacturers,Ying-Sheng has the widest series with the whole size.
Including S,G,K,P Series.Applying with the best high-tech,Ying-Sheng tube in tube enjoys a
good reputation among the lighting market.Thanks to the hard-work of R&D department and
all the staffs, Ying-Sheng patented tube in tube passes CE IEC. Besides,the grasp of core
technology in producing tube in tube,guarantees the excellent performance and the high
quality of tube in tube series.

2.Project of Ying-Sheng
*GTMC,Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. ,Toshiba
They've been working for the above companies for 3-4 years.The customer feedbacks show
us that tube in tube is 50% energy saving,and the illumination 22% higher than the previous
T8 tube,lifespan is 2.5times of the traditional one.

3.Marketing Strategy
Through the implement of differentiation strategy and the multi-product portfolio,Ying-Sheng Tube in Tube not only meet the needs of all the segmentation markets,but also
improve the product layout in the international market.
Based on the above,Mr. Mei,the Owner of YingSheng, holds an idea that: in the near
future,we will see the rapid growth market share of tube in tube energy saving light
among the whole lighting industry, the only thing to do is to build up a win-win situation
with our clients.


1.Quality of tube in tube:
*Materials: high quality electronic components and materials
The perfect match of electronic ballast and the special designed inner tube,and the self
intelligent preheat machine,solves the problems of similar tube in tube as like: black head,
large light fades,short lifespan. All series tube in tube are proved to work for 2years,8-12hours
per day. And you can enjoy a two year warranty ,and maintaining are the cost of accessories
and working hours,for life.

2. product characteristics
Energy-efficient, long-life,(20,000 hours), easy-maintenance( the inner tube can be replaced by your local Osram,Philip),easy installation,
and you don't need to change the circuit

3.Different series for Different purpose:
S Series-------Plastic Head: Energy saving projects for factory assembly line,parking lot.
G Series-------
Aluminum Alloy Head:Energy saving projects for places have higher lighting requirements:
large enterprises,hospitals,schools,supermarkets,shopping malls.
K Series-------
Removable PC Cover: Well-Performance energy saving products for: government engineering projects,foreign customers(long-distance transportation,easy broken,hard to maintenance)
P Series-------
Accessories of tube in tube: For energy saving companies and dealers who have low production cost,assembly conditions and large amount needs of tube in tube.P series can reduce the cost of tube in tube effectively,that's a cost advantage.

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  • Manufacturer
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  • China
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  • 100
  • Established Year:
  • 2006
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  • US$50M - US$100M

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  • Guangzhou Yingsheng Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd
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  • China
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  • 2nd Floor, No.1315 Xingye Road, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
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