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For your requirement on cable ties, the good reability for the injection molding in China and take care to select a machine with big size plates (around 300 ton or bigger) and the injection unit no bigger than the 40% of the total injection weight (the good rate for Nylon 6.6 is between 40 up to 70% of the machine injection molding capacity).

I see that quite a lot of the members have put their energy in the discussion. it is clear that the answer depends on the application and environment, that is all equipment around China. The Aco Mold is well known since a long time, especially in application like CD and packaging industry. most important reason to get the high injection speed. At this time however more ways of reaching this, have become reality, on the injection side mostly by electric servo. also on clamping side more and more electric is used, however full electric not always efficient because or hydraulic core pull movements needed. For this reason and for money saving hybrid has been developed injection mold in China.
When you want to consider the choice of type of injection molding machine, especially the investment, take into account also the environment, like noise (low at elecric), cooling (not necessary at electric) and power to be installed (especially peak power). Furthermore electric machines or hybrid will be less costly in maintenance when compared to Aco Mold.
Conclusion from my side: use Aco Mold when other recent developed concepts do not fit the job and focus also on the total costs of mold making and not only those of the injection molding machine investment and machine rate.

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