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Cooler Insulated Thermal Bag - Vietnam Manufacturer - Production On Demand Ready for Export

Cooler Insulated Thermal Bag - Vietnam Manufacturer - Production On Demand Ready for Export, 102
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Cooler Insulated Thermal Bag - Vietnam Manufacturer - Production On Demand Ready for Export Cooler Insulated Thermal Bag - Vietnam Manufacturer - Production On Demand Ready for Export
2. Insulated bag features and composition

1. Material

Because of the characteristics used for insulation, the material used in the insulation bag is extremely important to the product quality. In addition, these materials are often used to serve different purposes for an insulated bag. Some popular materials used to sew insulated bags include

- Burlap, Nylon fabric, Polyester fabric: These fabrics are often used to make bag covers thanks to their variety of colors and quality. In addition, nylon or non-woven fabric has a water-resistant effect so that users do not have to worry about carrying aluminum foam bags in the rain.

- PE foam: PE foam is an extremely common material in the production of insulated bags. Thanks to its thermal insulation and high durability. In addition, PE foam can be easily cut and edited to fit the shape of the bag, so this type of foam is the ideal material for the production process. This layer of PE foam, when coated with aluminum, is known as aluminum foam .

- Aluminum coating: The aluminum coating is made up of aluminum insulation film that strongly reflects heat rays and helps limit heat rays emitted to the outside. Aluminum coating is quite cheap on the market, so it is chosen by many units as a production material.

- PEVA is a synthetic resin with sun protection and water resistance. Thanks to the similar structure to PE plastic, PEVA helps the bag ha s comprehensive insulation. In addition, an important feature of PEVA is its friendliness to the environment and people. PEVA has absolutely no harmful chemicals that can be released to harm human health.

- Foil Foam: This foam film is made from PE or EVA plastic. The insulation ability of the foil foam is created by the structure of the foil foam film similar to that of the PEVA fabric and the voids on the surface of the foil foam creating a complete barrier. Insulation foil foam is considered the best insulation material for thermal bags.
3. Benefits of custom-made insulated bag
Currently, the market are flooded with different types of insulated bags. However, the most common type of bag is the cooler bag that uses a 1mm silver coating for insulation and the outer fabric is made of linen. Although the use of this bag is still very suitable for many consumers, the quality of this bag is ranked amo ang the lowest. Therefore, when ordering insulated bags according to the requirements of the company or customers, you should choose the Vietnam insulated bag manufacturer to be able to customize the product quality to suit your needs.
The bag material can use layers of PEVA fabric or a layer of aluminum foam about 3mm thicker to ensure better insulation. Especially if you use the bag for the purpose of transporting ice cream, the use of PEVA fabric is extremely necessary.
The color and texture of the insulated bag is also something to keep in mind to be able to match your company's brand. Many companies require ínuslated bags to have their company logo printed on them to advertise their brand. In addition, the color of the bag also needs to match the identity color of the company, not the competitor.
In addition, some other small details such as straps also need to be customized to fit the user. Shippers when delivering goods using this type of bag often require a strap at the bottom of the bag so that they can be tied to a motorbike or a chest strap for easy portability.Furthermore, some higher quality bags also use an extra layer of carton to increase the rigidity of the bag. This type of carton cooler bag is popularly used as a delivery bag for shipping company.
For the environment, using a reusable insuslated bag many times is a notable plus. Single-use thermal bags are often made of plastic materials that pollute the environment from production to discharge. Meanwhile, fabric thermal bags can be reused many times. Every time after use, users can clean by wiping or washing the bag without worrying about damage.
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