Ultrasonic Mouse/ Rat & Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic Mouse/ Rat & Pest Repeller, HTG-88 EXTRA
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Ultrasonic Mouse/ Rat & Pest Repeller Ultrasonic Mouse/ Rat & Pest Repeller

The device emits very high frequency sound wave of 25,000-65,000 Hz. per sceond. (It is also known as ultrasonic wave or ultrasound wave) with radiating sound pressure 250dB maximum and radiation angle 280 degree that bombards your premises or protective area with "silent sound" that won't bother you but wreak havoc with mice, rats and other pests as ultrasonic sound acts directly on the auditory and nevous systems of mice, rats and pests, cause them discomfort. Generally pests are not used to hear strong ultrasonic sound, will try to escape from the area to avoid the high frequency sound waves which cuase constant neurasthenic stress. For some cases even if the mice and rats cannot escape, after some weeks, they will become listless, not eating and their reproductive activities may decrease to very low percentage or even lower, thus ending their reproductive cycle and infestation. The device is harmless to human, pets, domestic animals, plants, etc. No air pollution, no chemical, no smell, no sprays. Makes your premises more hygienic and avoid the disturbance of mice, rats and the pests, etc. Further, the device will not interfere with televisions, radios, burglar alarms, smoke detectors, etc. and it can work continuously day and night, suitable for houses, apartments, storage rooms, factories, warehouses, restaurants, food shops, butchers' shops, hotels, furniture shops, farm, etc. POWER SOURCE: 220 / 230 / 240V / 50 Hz or 100 / 110 / 120V / 60 Hz. with accessory 12-15V DC adapter. DIMENSIONS:12cm.x8.6cm.x7.6cm.(L x W x H) NET WEIGHT: 0.30 Kgs. SPEAKER: 1 piece of built-in strong Speaker. RADIATION SOUND PRESSURE: 150 dB max. RADIATION FREQUENCY: 25,000 Hz. - 65,000 Hz. RADIATION ANGLE: 120 Degree. EFFECTIVE DISTANCE: 250 - 450 Sq. meters APPLICATION: Indoor Use. Food Industry, warehouse, residence, commercial and agribusiness.

Packing 1 pc per gift box of (13.8 x 12.5 x 9.3) cm. 20 pcs per inner carton (64 x 29 x 19) cm. 40 pcs per export carton (65 x 30 x 39.8) cm. N.W. 12 Kgs. / G.W. 17.20 Kgs. / 0.078 CBM. Each 20' container contains 16,000 pcs.(400 cartons)
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  • mosquito coil & repeller

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  • 10/F, Flat H., Valiant Ind Centre, 2-12 Au Pui Wan Street, Fotan, Shatin, N.t. Hong Kong

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