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100% spun polyester sewing threads.

100% spun polyester sewing threads., 202/203/209 402 502 602
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202/203/209 402 502 602

100% spun polyester sewing threads. 100% spun polyester sewing threads.
ROMANTIQUE PP SEWING THREAD is a high quality shinning yarn spun which is stiff and bright. It is finished with famous Rhodia Silicone Oil from france to
provide exceptional thermal stability, consistent and smooth loop formation. Romantique is very popular becasue of its excellent performance for various sewing machines.

Romantique PP manufacturer equips with modern machinery and the manufacturing process is fully automated. The factory employus innovative and sophisticated yarn spinning machine namely CEZOMR
imported from Natherlands. it provides standard, consistent and stable rolling speed. The finishing process does not degrade the quality of yarn. Romantiques PP Sewing thread is highly conform to specifications,
and have received good fame among buyers worldwide.

We are very proud to be yoru supplier and grateful to have your supports !!
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