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Our Products

All our products are 100%COMBED COTTON SINGLE JERSEY KNITTED BELINEN. We have invested heavily in the new equipped single jersey "JUMBO" model (LARGE) knitting machines from Fukuhare, Japan.

Our product range: Fitted Sheets, Duvet Cover and Pillowcase for all sizes. We are also producing sheets for Baby (Cot and Bassinette).

Our Fabric Range: Single Jersey / Strips / Auto Strips / Jacquard / Print / Embroideries.

Our services: OEM / ODM.

Sample Participation Program: Volunteer / Nominal or Small Charges for VIP buyers.

Pursuit of excellence

Our Vision

To become the largest knitted home textiles manufacturing in Asia Pacific region.

Our Mission

- To be a quick response manufacturing company.

- To act as the alternative range of knitted home textile products other than traditional woven.

- To use the latest professional technological know-how to meet the challenge of the environmental consideration.

- To be one of ISO 9002, SA8000 organisation.

Bed Linen Division

The Bed Linen Division is an integral part of the whole manufacturing process of the group. We have a team of technical staff and designers working in the head office in Hong Kong. We have invested heavily in incorporating the latest European technology and machinery in producing GIANT KNIT FABRIC for the home products in the Asia Pacific Region. We guarantee good quality with good price.

It comprises of the design office, cutting, sewing, finishing, quality control, packing and so on.

Dye House

The dye house has the daily capacity to dye 90,000 lbs of fabric per day. There are 62 pressurized or High Temperature dyeing machines in the plant with capacities ranging from 30 lbs samples to bulks dyeing with 3,600 lbs.

Pad-Batch dyeing machines are used to dye 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton / polyester, cotton / viscose / lycra and other mixed fabrics.

Dyeing Process:

- The dye house is equipped with the most advances machines and technology by FONG's Dyeing Machines.

- Generally speaking, the process can be divided into there steps such as pre-treatment, dyeing and after-treatment.

- We have adopted the latest BATCH-WISE approach for all our dyeing process instead of the conventional approach of continuous dyeing type.

- All dyeing procedures are controlled by automated computer systems.

Finishing Process:

- In order to safeguard the specification of the sheets, we have adopted a full set of Swiss machines called "SANTEX" Progress in which it can control the shrinkage problem of the knotted sheets.

- The series of machines are as follows:
a) SANTE-CUT - separate the circular fabric into open width;
b) SANTA-STRETCH - de-twisting and dewatering of fabric;
c) SANTA-SHRINK - tensionless drying of open width fabric;
d) SANTA-COMPACT - control & maintain fabric to lowest residual shrinkage

Knitting Division

The knitting department consists of 400 workers, 98 circular knit, 4 Jumbo circular knit, 32 flat knit computerized machines, 3 yarn rewiring machines and 10 quality control machines. It operates 24 hours a day and has a total daily capacity of 90,000 lbs/day.

Selection of Raw Material:

- The product is made of 100% cotton.

- It is mainly supplied by many countries such as China, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Australia and US Cotton.

- As for the cotton quality, we will base on these criteria for the selection such as the fineness of cotton fiber, its length, the level of dead cotton, and the purity of the cotton content.

Knitting Process:

- Cotton yarn is used to knit the fabric as per specification.

- We will use the Jumbo circular knit machine from Fukuhara, Japan.

- We will inspect all the knitted fabric before it is transferred to the dyeing process.

Closer look into laboratory

The dyed house has a laboratory, which conducts tests on products in order to determine whether they meet customer specifications. The lab is composed of durability, shrinkage test, color measurement, grading and physical conditioning department.

It conducts internationally well-known tests such as AATCC, DIN, ISO and M&S using the latest technology and equipment.

We welcome your valuable opinion and you are invited to make your accreditation on our company.

Product Quality

Quality Assurance of the Sheet

- There are detail procedures in quality assurance for inspecting the sheeting fabric before it was sent to the SEWING DIVISION.

a) Colour difference control
b) Fabric defects (using the U.S. four points method)
c) Appearance


- The sewing division is designed for the bedding production set up instead of the traditional garment factory.

- It is solely responsible for the "cut and sew" production process.

- The product will be put forward for needle checking. It will ensure there is no Hazard substance in the product.

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  • Manufacturer
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  • Hong Kong (China)
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  • HK:20 CN:100
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  • 1999

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