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Advance Lip Care - Classic (rosehip seed)

Advance Lip Care - Classic (rosehip seed), LP01
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Advance Lip Care - Classic (rosehip seed) Advance Lip Care - Classic (rosehip seed)
Do you know our lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body?
Unlike our skin which secretes sebum to balance moisture, our lips have no natural moisturizer other than saliva, which actually dries lips further.

Our lips are covered with the thinnest skin on our body and are extremely sensitive to environmental factors. Therefore, as with the rest of our body, our lips need attentive care and protection. Not only should we nourish our lips but we should also do by using chemical-free ingredients. This way, our lips will be pampered and protected using pure and natural ingredients.

AQ's Advance Lip Care Line is your daily lip treatment for healing and protecting dry and chapped lips, not only does it provide a translucent shine and aids in the prevention of fine lines around the mouth, it also leaves your lips feeling soothed and nourished.

Enriched with shea butter, rosehip oil, assorted herbal oil and vitamin E, provides lasting softness and moisturizes to your lips. It also combines with selective essential oils, ensuring protection from harsh elements with different healing properties.

The essential fatty acids found in rosehip oil assists the rejuvenation of dry, parched lips and aid nourishment for smooth healthy lips. For the modern women, it is the smoothest and supple perfect base for your lipsticks.

As with our other AQ products, it contains no artificial colorant, fragrances, preservative and synthetic chemicals.

Volume: 4.5 gm
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  • HKD55.00/PC
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