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Photoluminescent Pigment

Photoluminescent Pigment
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Photoluminescent Pigment Photoluminescent Pigment
Realglow pigment is produced mailnly from the rare earth elements through a special technology, the pigment can glow for up 20 hours after its 10-minute exposure to a visible light source. Realglow pigment is re-chargeable many times over just by exposing it to any light source, preferably those with Ultra Violet rays like Sunlight or UV(black light).The life of Realglow pigment can be over more than 10 years. Realglow pigment is the most effective and advanced photoluminescent material which has the advantages of stable physical and chemical character, high energy saving and releasing rate, free of toxic and radioactive. The following information shows the good photoluminescent material.
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