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Lyfoo Machining Inc.

joint for oil field

joint for oil field
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joint for oil field joint for oil field
Lyfoo Machining Inc., a daughter company of Lyfoo Industry Inc., which mainly provides service of machining a range of mechanical parts , mainly involving plates ,rings, shafts , stainless valves, tubes . Our company worked with Dongli for the machining work. For a long time , we are always producing automotive parts such as belt wheels , hubs , flying rings and so on which supply Metaldyne Group , Germany Winkelmann Corporation . You could find our parts from Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen , PSA France, Volvo, Nissan. Every year , we manufacture brackets for American Ford. Further , we could producing a great number of petroleum exploitation parts for American and stainless pipe connectors for Japan Hitachi .
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  • China

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  • Lyfoo Machining Inc.
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  • China
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  • Binhebeili, Daxing Dist, Beijing, China
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