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Isostatic Punch

Isostatic Punch
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Isostatic Punch Isostatic Punch
There is one closed hydraulic cavity between the Punch’s resin coat and the steel body, where some fluid medium with certain pressure is filled in. During pressing, the fluid medium would spread the pressure intensity equally and diffusely to the interface of resin coat and the pressed tile because the resin coat has the possibility of elastic deformation. Consequently, the pressed tile would be happened with the volumetric deformation under the isostatic pressure of fluid medium, which ensures the equal density at all regions of the green tile. Under the same firing conditions, the shrinkage degree at different regions of green tile is related to its density. The green tile pressed by the Isostatic Punch has the ability to achieve the best and equal density at all regions, so the fired tile could be prevented from any defect of crack, curved edge, deformation and rake angle.
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