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China Pem-6090 Marble Enraving Machine Cnc Router

China Pem-6090 Marble Enraving Machine Cnc Router

China Pem-6090 Marble Enraving Machine Cnc Router China Pem-6090 Marble Enraving Machine Cnc Router
Features Specifications:

1. Applicable Fields
CNC Router is widely applied in engraving and cutting on all kinds of metal and nonmetal materials, such as wood/MDF, PVC plastic, plexiglass, acrylic, organic glass, marble, granite, aluminium, copper, steel and many other materials.

The machine body is made from pure Aluminum, which ensures the parallelism, verticality and concentricity and greatly increases the precision and speed of the machine. It is applied in cutting of kneading board of large size and making of large-scale relief and label. The size of the machine is calculated and customized according to optimization rules in market Statistics. It covers main sizes of marks and labels in the market. It can cut through Plexiglass with thickness of 20mm one time without trouble and can be applied to large-scale relief, too. It is doubtlessly a perfect product in the range of advertising engraving.

2. Product Features
X, Y, Z axis use imported ball bearing guide screws. Its precise and fast. Even the letters of 1mm can be clearly discernible. The small-power machine uses large-power main axis, its an ideal product for manufacturing labels, construction models and moulds in batches.
High speed calculation
It uses DSP64 contouring control system and FPGA technology which can continually and smoothly run the three axes with high speed. It has the ability of calculation of 5000 vector/s.
Steady data transmission
The data transmission uses the technology of ISA/IP DNC/IP straight association, which can associate the machine without interruption, and it has no limitation of the amount of the document.

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