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Supply Compensated Crystal Oscillator, Tcxo, Vcxo, Dcxo

Supply Compensated Crystal Oscillator, Tcxo, Vcxo, Dcxo
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Supply Compensated Crystal Oscillator, Tcxo, Vcxo, Dcxo Supply Compensated Crystal Oscillator, Tcxo, Vcxo, Dcxo
Focus on development and production of high precision crystal oscillator (Crystal), crystal oscillator (SPXO), voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO), compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), digital temperature compensated crystal oscillator (DCXO), oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO), crystal filters (Crystal Filter). crystal resonator frequency range of primary production: 1.8432MHZ → 48.0000MHZ; crystal oscillator produces frequency range: 1.000MHZ → 1000MHZ. which OCXO Hang Wen Jingzhen temperature stability can be to ± 0.01PPM, TCXO TCXO temperature stability up to ± 0.5PPM. in the ordinary crystal resonators and oscillators, we accept partial high-frequency and low frequency and the number of high-precision production of wide temperature range.

    Quartz crystal is widely used in communication base stations, broadcasting, computers, instrumentation, military equipment, monitoring equipment, data transmission, medical measuring equipment, ATM equipment, GPS satellite positioning, network transmission machine ... here briefly several advantages oscillator concept, enabling customers to choose:

    ①, SPXO is the most simple crystal oscillator, it is crystal element and the oscillator circuit according to design requirements, integrated in the PCB circuit board assembly and packaging made with a metal frequency devices. Our main provider of semiconductor-based, is with the crystal resonator and oscillator circuit further assembly, this can make more superior product performance.

    ②, VCXO voltage controlled crystal oscillator is an external voltage to frequency shift or modulation in accordance with the law, mainly by the crystal elements, diode and oscillator circuit, and its working principle is changed by controlling the voltage to varactor diode capacitance, thereby pulling crystal frequency components, to achieve the desired frequency location.

    ③, TCXO temperature compensated crystal oscillator is used with a compensation system that reduce the ambient temperature changes caused by the crystal oscillator frequency can be divided into analog and digital compensation, the former mainly using thermistor temperature feedback network The temperature compensated crystal device simulation curve. which is a digital circuits and devices, control data through the storage Warming, sensing temperature, and digital conversion to achieve. simulation Warming superior performance.

    ④, OCXO oven controlled crystal oscillator, the internal temperature of the way through to maintain a stable frequency crystal oscillator.

    ⑤, CF crystal filter is a high use of piezoelectric quartz crystal Q value and stability characteristics of the signal into a frequency selective device.
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