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Diamond Router Bits V30 Continuous

Diamond Router Bits V30 Continuous
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Diamond Router Bits V30 Continuous Diamond Router Bits V30 Continuous
Diamond router bits is a kind of diamond edge-grinding wheel for hand grinding machine. There is an orientation axletree with the type is 6000Z in the middle or at the underside of the router wheel. Outer circle of the axletree is a steel circle to bar the router wheel during the process of grinding stone edge for machining needed profile along the appoint outline that can be processed by CNC machine tool or by manual work according to the lineation. Router bit is widely used in the process of stone furniture profile and counter's table-board profile.
1. Used of fast shaping,removing heavy materials.
2. Smooth rough surface or prepare the surface for lamination.
3.Good quality and performance, long life.
4. Other profile available.
5. Custom-made available.
Out Dimension: 50-125mm
Thickness: 5-50mm
Thread: M8, M10, M14, 5/8"-11
Type: Segment, Rim, Sintered
Diamond Grit: Coarse, Medium, Fine
Any special specifications available as required.
A:Radius B:Half Bullnose E:Bevel Router F:OGEE
V:Full Bullnose
All kinds of shapes can be make and size according to your requirement.
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