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MMS GSM SMS alarm main panel for home security

MMS GSM SMS alarm main panel for home security , G80 MMS GSM SMS alarm main pan
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G80 MMS GSM SMS alarm main pan

MMS GSM SMS alarm main panel for home security MMS GSM SMS alarm main panel for home security
G80 Mobile(AV)monitor is a brand new Hi-Tech product in the wireless communication era, it has integrated 2G & 3G mobile transmission technology and IR image monitoring and thermo detection such kinds of security technologies.
It has breaking thru the limitation of conventional CCTV system that transmitting by hardwire cable/modem which is difficult to install and has higher cost and limited by the installation environment, it also has problem of easy to be invaded.
This product combines the future mobile user’s needs to let any mobile phone user (must have GPRS/MMS/SMS function) can use their mobile’s AV and mailbox function to back up the image information (to avoid the destroy of evidences), can real-time receives the alarm messages from any remote location by the AV Monitor devices or monitoring the real-time voice and image from the site for immediate identification. It meets various demands from sectors of household, office, factory, stores etc.
1-2 Features
1.IR thermo image monitoring and detection for moving objects, the double detection technology can eliminate the false alarm caused by environmental reasons.
2.It has real-time mobile AV alarm and e-mail video image back-up receiving model.
3.You can monitor the site by mobile phone at any time.
4.You can use mobile to monitor the voice at the remote site.
5.Alarms will activate the pre-recorded voice messages and inform the users immediately.
6,Easy operate with a wireless remote control device by simple mobile instructions.
7.You can setting if the siren and beacon device to be activated when alarm happen.
8.Under emergency situation EMSD key can silently inform any designated users.
9.With build-in back up battery, device can be still operating during power failure.
10.With IR night vision camera, it provides full time 24 hours day and night monitoring function.
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  • patrol hawk
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  • USD 130
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  • mms sms alarm, gsm gprs alarm, intruder alarm unit

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