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Media Converter With 2 Optic Ports & 4 Elec Ports

Media Converter With 2 Optic Ports & 4 Elec Ports
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Media Converter With 2 Optic Ports & 4 Elec Ports Media Converter With 2 Optic Ports & 4 Elec Ports
SPC124C Series, one kind of 10/100Mbps adaptive fast Ethernet media converter, with Four-port 10/100Mbps adaptive switch built in, can inter-converter electrical signals of 10Bast-T and/or 100Base-TX twisted pairs with optical signals of 100Bast-FX. As well as, it can be configured with two optical module (one of them is for back up or for the conversion of single-mode and multi-mode). it extends the transmission distance of a network from 100m via copper cable to 120km (via single mode full duplex fiber optical cables). The products supports two different types of network connection mediums:10/100Bast-TX and 100Bast-FX and full fill data transmission between two types of network connection medium with switching technology and store and forward technology. This makes it ideal for Working Group user and intelligent community Broadband Access.


● 10/100Mbps auto-sensed, facilitating network upgrade

● Built-in efficient switching core to implement flow control and reduce broadcast packets.

● Providing four respective 10M/100Mbps adaptive twisted pair switching ports to implement the backup of electrical ports and the access of multiple users. Two optical ports to fulfill optical backup or SM/MM conversion.

● Supporting full-duplex and half-duplex and its auto-sensed, auto MDI/MDIX.

● Supporting the transmission of extra-long packets up to 1536 bytes.

● Supporting Quality of Service (QoS) and ensuring the transmission of VoIP packets.

● Supporting STP to form a redundant network.

● Application: 10/100Mbps fast optical Ethernet long-distance transmitting network,star topology structure.
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  • China
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  • Spacecom
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  • 12pcs
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  • media converter, optic ports, fiber

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