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Guangxi Rongxing Handicraft Factory
Guangxi Rongxing Handicraft Factory Preview Staging
RongXing handicraft factory is one specialized is engaged in the development, the production craft gift, trade and service in a body comprehensive enterprise.
For many years, we adhering to the "trusted product quality and production efficiency of praise and satisfying service" as the objective, has been committed to the research of craft gift, new product development and application, formed a craftwork, craft and frame of three major series as one of the major gifts professional manufacturers, suppliers, and services.
Our factory has the first-class resin handicraft production line, has more than 10 years of experience in professional engraver carving, toning, mould and superb techniques in the production team, can be produced according to the requirements of clients satisfied products, Customers can sample, we according to the customer request to kind of customized products and business agents around us and cooperate the joining trader.
Business, haonianhua danjiu, sticking to the factory, "innovation, quality, small profits", the management idea, to provide customers with high quality, the environmental protection, beautiful, cheap products and services.

Company Profile

  • Business Type:
  • Importer/Exporter
  • Country:
  • China
  • Established Year:
  • 2009
  • Yearly Sales Volume:
  • US$5M - US$10M

Contact Information

  • Company Name:
  • Guangxi Rongxing Handicraft Factory
  • Country:
  • China
  • Address:
  • No35 Baisha, Nanning City, Guangxi Province, China
  • Website:

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