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Slit Lamp Microscope

Slit Lamp Microscope, KJ5S1
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Slit Lamp Microscope Slit Lamp Microscope
KJ5S1 Potable slit lamp microscope adopt high illumination white LED,Its battery fully charged can be used for 5 or 6 hours, the eyepieces are linkage.and the NET weight is only 750g,it is very convenient to catching with.
This slit lamp microscope belongs to the domestic origination,selling all of the world.
Microscope type:Binocular crossed stereo microscope
Total Magnification:
10 x Eyepiece 16 x Eyepiece
1 x Objective 10 16
Diopter compensation:-7D~+7D
Working distance:80mm
Slit width:0~10mm continously adjustable
Slit height:1mm,3mm,5mm,10mm
Diameter of light spot:1mm,3mm,5mm,10mm
Filter: heating absorption, 50%ND,Red-free,blue
Illumination Rotato Angle:horizontal 30 degree
Illumination:White LED
Input Voltage:AC 100~240V 60~50HZ
Input Power:18VA
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  • China
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  • Langlin
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  • medical equipment, eye facility

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  • 1988

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  • Suzhou Kangjie Medical Equipment CO.,Ltd
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