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Plug Valve

Plug Valve
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Plug Valve Plug Valve
Plug valves are forged from high quality alloy steel with heat-treatment, and can provide dependable service for applications such as cementing, fracturing, acidizing, coiled tubing and sand control, plug valves are available in three primary models in 1"×2", 2" and 3" inch bore sizes for standard and reverse flow. These plug valves are available from 6,000 through 15,000 psi in both Standard and H2S service and can be made in a wide variety of popular end connections including union end, male and female line pipe threaded, plug valves are primary used as isolation valves and can isolate flow from either direction, different components or parts with deferent pressure ratings of plug valves can not be mismatched, repair kits for plug valves are available, each plug valve is stamped with API monogram and tracing number. Plug valves with F×M are often ordered, for plug valves with any other connections for field service will be manufactured as per order. Plug valves with stainless plugs are also available.
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