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Energy Water Dispenser Ny-106

Energy Water Dispenser Ny-106, 1
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Energy Water Dispenser Ny-106 Energy Water Dispenser Ny-106
Energy water system is a great creation for human health. Its pure water is much better than RO system. It can accelerate metabolism, increase oxygen in water, lengthen cell life and also improve physical quality. In a word, its advantages are much more than RO system. Energy water system is a necessary ware for human health. Most important of all, energy water is medical for uric acid and gout.

The Benefits of Energy Water:

1. Enhance the absorption of nutrients and detoxification of your body;
2. Promotes metabolism for optimum health;
3. Reinforces self-healing immune system against diseases;
4. Prevents constipation problems, headaches, "heatiness", mouth ulcer, skin problems and more;

5. Tastes smoother, sweeter and is easily absorbed by your body's cell;
With ours Energy Water NY-108, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that you and your family are drinking crystal pure water with no disease-causing toxins and water that has all the wonderful life-enhancing goodness that nature intended.

Energy water provides magnetite resonance to turn the water molecule clusters into smaller ones and drives it violently into a powerful permeation energy carried with a high capacity of oxygen. It does activate and accelerates the speed of excreting poison. It is very pure and does not give a side effect. Energy water could restrain the multiplication of microbe and idioblast and makes the normal cells safe growing. It improves organs back to the natural instinct and makes the living creature recoverable to the healthy status.

Function\Construction and Feature:

source of water:municipal tap water

working pressure:0.2_0.4 Mpa
flow of pure water :2L/Min (0.3 Mpa)

quantity of rated total water:5000L

bilging temperature:5_45 centigrade

water quality:high-energy magnetization activated water with direct-drinking standard

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