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Playground Kc-12401

Playground Kc-12401, 001
Item Code / Model Number:

Playground Kc-12401 Playground Kc-12401
Playground KC-12401

Child capacity:20

Item no.: playground KC-12401

Unit Size:780cm*750cm*560cm


1. Outdoor playground plastic slide

2. Suitable for schools,Parks,Community

3. Good for kids exploring ability development


Description List:

Material &Part Details

1. Plastic:LLDPE,Rotational mould

2. Post(Guardrail, handrail etc):Galvanized or steel,(Or aluminum, galvanization as per request)

3. Deck,Stairs,Bridges:Wood inside with spong and plastisol,rubber or powder cover

4. Outer safety:Soft covering PVC

5. Styles,Colors:As per request



1. Check the material composition

2. Check the size and shape and material composition

3. Check the machining precision

4. Check if any leakage

5. Check the surface smoothness

6. Check the quality of the plating, if there has air trail, crack, bubble and so on

7. Check if there is some crack or unfixed element

8. Check the leakage by water and air pressure

9. Check the surface and feel of the finished goods

10. Follow the step 6,7,8,9

11. Check the logo, Size and item no. of the carton.
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  • Qitele Group Wenzhou Watson Import&export Co., Ltd
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