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Chrome Oxide Green

Chrome Oxide Green, 1308-38-9
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Chrome Oxide Green Chrome Oxide Green
Chrome Oxide Green Refractory Grade
Properties: Green crystal powder, metal luster, magnetic, good covering strength, high-temperature-resisting and sunlight fastness. Not soluble in water, barely soluble in acids, comparatively stable in air, unaffected by acids and alkalis of common density, sulfur dioxide, sulfur hydrogen etc. Chrome oxide green common type enjoys excellent quality and firmness.
Application: In smelting of metal chrome, as coloring agent of chrome carbide, enamel, glass, artificial leather and building material, as organic synthetic catalyst, in making of sunlight fastness coatings, special printing ink for paper money, making of polishing ointment and abrasive etc.

Chrome Oxide Green Abrasive Grade
Characteristics: Green crystal powder, better fineness, grinding-resisting. Chromium oxide possess 9 degree of the sclerometer, is a high quality abrasive.
Usage: The different object applied chromium oxide require different particle size. Chromium oxide produce polishing paste that apply to polishing surface for metal, instrument, meter, magnetism register material and optics parts ,it is used also produce for brake linings.& In glaze making abrasive materials.
Color/Appearance: Green powder.

Chrome Oxide Green paint grade, similar to Bayer GN
Characteristics: Chromium oxide green is one of fewness pure phase pigment , it is constituted by pure Cr2O3 ,possess intensive chemical inertia and physical resistance: dissolve not in water and ray ,resistance to erode ,resistance to heat until 1000 centigrade degree. The colour of chromium oxide green is differ owing to its manufacture technics and granularity ,varies from yellowish shade green go blue shade sap green. Chromium oxide green is colorant that apply to paint ,plastic, rubber, cement ,construction material ,gypsum and asphaltum etc.

Chrome Oxide Green low hexavanlent chrome
Environment Protect Grade Chromium Oxide: The environment protect grade chromium oxide can satisfy for Europe and American request of environment protect.
Characteristics : Green crystal powder, bright shade, better covering strength than chrome oxide green common type, good pigment property after purification and a wide range of application.
Uses: High purity chrome oxide green is mainly used as pigment for high class porcelain glaze making, printing ink for paper money, pigment for cosmetics etc.
Color/Appearance: Green powder

Chrome Oxide Green Ceramics Grade
Characteristics: Green crystal powder, better fineness, high-temperature-resisting, grinding-resisting, brighter color than common type chrome oxide green.
Uses: In glaze making of porcelain, tinting of porcelain products, making of polishing material, super paint pigment etc.

Chrome Oxide Green Refractory Grade
Characteristics: Chromium oxide is very resistance to heat ,melting point is 2435 centigrade degree ,is important material of refractory that is used to produce pure chromium oxide refractory brick or comples refractory brick with other oxide. These refractory brick are used to line blast furnaces and glass fibre kilns etc.

Chrome Oxide Green Metallurgical Grade
Characteristics: Chromium oxide is very pure, it is very good material of produced high pure chromium metal by the alumino-thermic process.
Applications : making chrome metal etc.

Chromium Oxide applied to melt spray
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