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Royal jelly

Royal jelly, Royal jelly
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Royal jelly

Royal jelly Royal jelly
Royal jelly is a kind of vinegary, astringent and spicy milk white or light yellow cream-like substance secreted from the glands in the head of worker bees. It is used to feed the queen bee and bee larvae. Royal jelly is also called royal plasm. Royal jelly is rare and precious, produces unusually, and the ingredient is complex, having greatly health care function and special medical effectiveness.
The elements of royal jelly is rather complex, it consists of proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrate different kinds of nutrition substance. The moisture make up about 62.5%-70% of fresh royal jelly, dry substance accounts for the 30%-37.5%, the protein content in dry substance of royal jelly accounts the most proportion, about 36%-55%, other elements such as 12 kinds of free Amino Acid accounts for about 0.8%. Carbohydrate comprises about 20% above , the fats substance content is 7.5-15% , mineral substance is 0.9-3%.
Royal jelly powder is made used of modern equipments; put the fresh good quality royal jelly drying in refrigerant condition. It is a milk white or light yellow powder ,it tastes vinegary ,astringent ,spicy and a little sweet , the purity is 100%.and there is no any additional elements .Its nutrition content is triple weight of fresh royal jelly .
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